Why Are You Tired All the Time and What Should You Do About It?

Why Are You Tired

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If you don’t feel like being active anymore and you struggle to make it through the days when you’ve got a lot on your plate, you’re probably wondering about what’s to blame for your lagging energy levels. 

Digestive Trouble

Your digestive system is responsible for converting the food that you eat into energy that you can use. When your digestive system cannot service its intended purpose efficiently, you may not be getting all of the energy out of food that you need to. 

Eating a lot of ultra-processed snack foods hinders your digestive function. Breaking down ingredients like refined carbohydrates takes energy, and having to allocate too much energy to digesting food is going to undercut your available supply to power everything else your body needs energy for. Likewise, consuming foods that your system simply doesn’t tolerate well is going to force it to work a lot harder than it has to. In addition to tiredness, undiagnosed food intolerances may result in an upset stomach that’s practically constant. Just the discomfort alone could feel draining. 

A gluten test kit is a good way to pinpoint or rule out one of the most common intolerances that tend to go undiagnosed for some time. If gluten isn’t the source of your digestive discomfort, you can undergo a more intensive screening to identify other food and environmental intolerances. 

Intermittent Insomnia

Trouble sleeping is more pervasive than you might think. In the wee hours when you’re struggling to get some sorely needed shuteye, it may feel like you’re the only person in the world who’s awake and everybody else is resting peacefully. In reality, you’re not alone. Jam-packed schedules, underlying health issues, and elevated stress have all caused millions of people to miss out on vital rest.

If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep more than once a week, you may conclude that what you’re experiencing isn’t insomnia because it’s not all of the time. However, intermittent bouts of insomnia can really drag you down both mentally and physically. You’ve got to get an adequate amount of sleep in order to feel fully charged the next day. There’s a broad misconception that it’s possible to catch up on sleep, but you really need a consistent amount of rest every night in order to be getting all of the benefits that it ought to provide.

Going to bed at the same time every night is a great starting place to remedy tiredness associated with insomnia. When you have a structured sleep cycle, your body will wind down for rest automatically. It will also learn the right time to transition from resting to waking up. This could make mornings a lot more bearable. 

A supplement to help you sleep better is another excellent tool to make falling asleep come more naturally to you. Your body produces increased levels of melatonin when you’re nearing the end of your day. Both sunlight and artificial light can interrupt melatonin production, and blue light is particularly disruptive because it’s near the high end of humans’ visible color spectrum. For this reason, you should make an effort to limit your screen time before bed. Taking a melatonin supplement may help to counter some of the things that you do which may be interfering with your production output and ready your body for rest. 

Chronic Health Conditions

There are a number of chronic health issues that can throw your energy off track, and tiredness that’s accompanied by other symptoms that are causing you to experience chronic discomfort are worth investigating your medical care providers. Enzymatic deficiencies or problems with thyroid function are common culprits of both sudden and gradual drops in energy. Your doctor can help you rule out chronic conditions that could be serious. 

Ultimately, trying to get by without enough energy can force you to make compromises that affect your quality of life. Stop compromising and start taking action to restore your energy levels and enhance your well-being. 

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