Why Is March Madness Such A Big Deal?

March Madness

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There is nothing like college basketball’s playoff play when it comes to postseason action.

The NCAA Tournament is a captivating sight that often consumes non-viewers and transforms them into die-hard fans.

There are a number of reasons why college kids sacrifice study time for university examinations to attend a game that has nothing to do with school. In fact, even office workers live-stream the games from their workstations so as not to miss out.

It’s easy to see why the month of March is known as “March Madness.”

New Fans Are Aplenty

It’s no surprise that college basketball fans have unparalleled enthusiasm.

Even through the TV, you can sense their passion and dedication.

On a court that is impartial,  different team colors flood the area, creating a color extravaganza that isn’t visible where the home-court advantage is available.

Fans find reasons to cheer for or against a university they care about during this time of year, whether they’re students, graduates, or there by association.

As the field of 68 shrinks, this becomes more apparent, giving the remaining clubs a new set of followers.

Fans stay and fans go in college football, and that seems to be the way it is especially around March Madness time. 

Huge Number of Contestants

There are a total of 68 teams who are eligible for the tournament. That is a sizable number. In fact, they are the only pro sports league in North America that has so many players to start with. The great advantage to this is that not only is the field of play made fair, but there is room for theatrics – giving fans the entertainment they so crave. 

Some believe that having so many teams means that it will naturally decrease the proportion of overall talent that competes, thus losing the edge of competitive spirit. But that is certainly not the case, as one cannot overlook that there is no other style of postseason play that ensures 83 different games. 

Of course. not all matchups will have great competition, but it is the variety and excitement that keeps viewers glued to the games. 

The Brackets 

For some punters and fans, the most exciting moment of the tournament occurs before it ends – by choosing their brackets.

It’s not only fun to try to complete the ideal bracket, but it’s also a good way to keep entertained. It’s pretty simple, and the only time you can actually mess up is if both the brackets you fill out are identical.

Even if your favorite team is eliminated from the playoffs, you’re still involved because of your picks, and March Madness odds can get intense if you’re invested. Nonetheless, it can still be fun.

It’s an interesting way to add mystery and personal glory to a national athletic event, whether you pick against yourself for your own satisfaction or against others for money.

The Highs and the Lows

This tournament is known for putting spectators through an emotional rollercoaster, unlike any other postseason event. In fact, one can think that they call it “March Madness” because of how crazy the competition can make a fan. 

Everyone wants their sheet to be as close to perfect as possible; unfortunately, it doesn’t really pan out that way for most. Sadly, a vast majority of punter’s brackets will get blown. 

Thus the maddening question to yourself: Do I support my picks or not? Should I support my favorite team? Or perhaps the team I despise?

This constant debate is precisely what makes the event both difficult and fascinating to witness.

And, regardless of the outcome, fans never seem to lose their enthusiasm. 

Perfect Timing

Between the Super Bowl and the start of the NBA and NHL playoffs, there is a long period when fans are yearning for some postseason action.

What they get is a  playoff system in its purest, most pleasant and connectable (if somewhat unskilled) formation as a result of this competition.

It makes no difference whether you follow college basketball during the regular season or not.

All that counts is that you sit down and enjoy these three weeks of insanity before it passes you by.

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