Why Medical Spa Management Software Is a Must for Your Business?

Why Medical Spa Management Software Is a Must for Your Business?

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Running a medical spa needs you and your team to have razor sharp focus on the key deliverables such as patient’s general well-being, effectiveness of the treatment and the overall customer experience. Since the medical spa deals with a broad range of people, managing the records etc can be a daunting task and lead to sub-par customer experience. Thus, increasing number of businesses are deploying a medical spa software to manage all the administrative activities of operating the business and ensure that the processes are not only streamlined but designed to provide excellent customer experience. If you’re still wondering why a med spa software is needed for your managing your business, read on

Appointment Booking & Scheduling

One of the most prominent features of a medical spa software is that it transforms how your customers and business interact with each other. The software equips your business to respond to customer’s requirement 24x7x365. With a plethora of appointment booking options, the customer no longer needs to get onto a call and / or send an email and await the response. The software accords customers multiple choices such as website, apps or chat bots to interact with the business and complete the booking in just a few clicks. The automated scheduler instantaneously books the slot and sends the confirmation to the customer. Well-designed med spa software such as the one from Zenoti practically eliminates the need of a fixed front desk. Your medical director will love this software.

Customer Management

Perhaps a lesser known but an important feature of a medical spa software is its robust customer management module. The module is designed to store complete repository of each and every information of the client. Data such as basic contact details, consultations, treatments, schedule for repetitive treatments, payment information and past purchase history is stored in this module. Advanced med spa software allows customers to edit selective information such as contact details and payment information on their own. The comprehensive database of information is available to the consultant and the technicians in just a few clicks. The module is equipped to send automated reminders to customers about the upcoming treatment schedules and payments due, if any.  For the staff, it provides detailed case history to ensure continuity of the treatment and tracks progress of the client’s health.

Inventory Management

In the list of administrative tasks that are required to run a spa, inventory management is often a tricky one. A med spa software makes the process a breeze. Since each and every transaction is completely traceable, the system eliminates the element of human error in stock keeping and keeps you updated on the status of all products and consumables. In just about a few clicks, it lets you know the status of inventory by providing details of items that are to be replenished, or the items that are nearing expiry date. The software also ensures that no theft or pilferage occurs.

Invoicing & Payment Processing

Invoicing and payment management is the heart of any business. The med spa software has a module that is designed to work as a Point of Sale and record each and every transaction. No sooner is the customer checked-in for the appointment, the system generates the invoice for the services opted for. The payment system is equipped to offer customers choice of clearing the invoice in the form of charge cards or credit cards. Some med spa software are even equipped with an accounting module, which automatically makes the relevant book keeping records for every successful payment receipt.

Feedback system

Businesses grow when they hear what their customers have to say. Therefore, a robust feedback mechanism is very important. From rating of the services to the rating of the staff, collecting feedback from the customer for each and every service delivered is necessary. A med spa software has in built feature, which allows customers to provide ratings and feedback for every service availed. The analysis of data received in customer feedback helps businesses improve the quality of the service delivered and also help build a transparent employee compensation program.

Marketing Management

As the software records each and every transaction, it is equipped to analyse the data and help with recommending the products and services that will match the customer’s profile. Essentially the software equips your consultant and staff to upsell products and services that are likely to have higher chances of acceptability with the client. Moreover, for any new treatment introduced the med spa software sends automated emails to potential existing clients to gauge the acceptability of the service and help generate more business.

Listed above are a few of the administrative tasks that a med spa software can do for your business. Aside from the above, the software can also help with payroll management, employee management, loyalty program management etc. A medical spa software is a vital piece of technology that allows business to reach new heights and close the gap between the deliverables and the customer expectations.

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