Why the asbestos removal is important?


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Asbestos is mostly present on construction sites and old buildings. Thus, when you are employed or rented on a construction site or old building. Make sure, asbestos is not around. For that purpose, the professional companies of asbestos removal in Bedford can help you. Asbestos is the dangerous and life-threatening substance which should be removed otherwise it can cause non-reversible damage to the health. It can cause asbestosis which is a chronic lung disease. The scar tissue formed at the pulmonary fibrosis which decreases the elasticity of the lungs. The patient is not able to breathe properly due to the loss of elasticity from the lungs. The patient may have the following symptoms:

  • Shortness of breath- it is a very common symptom and most people face it after inhaling of asbestosis at all stages.
  • Clubbing of fingers is also a very common symptom. You may see the rounded fingers of the patient from the tips.
  • Another common symptom is a persistent cough. The patient may not able to breathe and cough very frequently.
  • Reduced lungs function and chest pain is also the difficulty faced by the patients.
  • While examining the patient with a stethoscope, the crackles sound can be heard. The doctors can detect it at the end of complete inspiration.
  • For diagnosis, a chest x-ray is required. In x-ray, we can see the small uneven dullness. This is mostly present in the middle and lower region of the lungs. The doctors also check the seriousness of disease by lung function tests.

The asbestosis mostly suffers the people who expose to the asbestos for years. Further, its development and progression also vary from person to person. The people who have a strong immune system and don’t do smoking may suffer very late. But the chain smokers are more prone to disease. Moreover, the changes also start occurring after years. If anyone diagnosed earlier then they are very lucky because of the chances of on-time treatment and survival increases. Moreover, never ignore the symptoms if you find any initially. The earlier you catch the disease; you can get the treatment early. If an individual find about the disease at the last stages and ignore many symptoms, then they may welcome death. Thus, never take this kind of risks.

My cousin is a qualified engineer. He was working in a well-reputed company but his salary package was not good. Therefore, he was not happy with his job He had to face a hard time in regards to managing expenses. He was searching for another opportunity. And one day, a firm call him for an interview. They were not well-reputed and their building was very old. But they offer him a very good package. He was smart and work in any atmosphere so, he immediately accepts their offer due to the perfect upgrade in the salary. He was very happy and join his new job. He was healthy and fit on time but after two months, we noticed he was a little skinny and he was also coughing.

He was giving a treat to all cousins and friends but he got unconscious on time of paying the bill. At that time, it was funny but later it wasn’t. We bring him to the hospital immediately and doctors told he inhale asbestos. But we were upset and asked he got unconscious. The doctor said, he is getting weaker. Take care of his food. They hospitalize him because he wasn’t able to breathe properly. The doctors ask his history and send the environmental control unit to examine his office. The authorize unit visit and seal the office due to the presence of asbestos. I was also working with an old firm and I had no idea if my working place also holding asbestos. I immediately search a professional company for asbestos removal and told my boss the whole scenario. He hires a professional company immediately. The company send very experience asbestos examiners and they took a sample.

Almost all the building was clear except for the basement. The basement was car parking and we only go there for parking and pulling out cars. And due to the wide spreading of coronavirus, we all wear masks. So, no one ever suffers due to the presence of asbestos. The professional company confirmed the presence of asbestos and the boss hire them for asbestos removal. immediately. They were very skilful and helps in removing asbestos perfectly and also provide license after cleaning. My cousin is still under treatment. He is better because he has a good immune system. Doctors said he will be fine soon.

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