Why You Should Use Soberlink: An Honest Review

Why You Should Use Soberlink: An Honest Review

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There are many Soberlink reviews online that talk good or bad about Soberlink. But sometimes it’s hard to know if the review has been written by a person who used the device or not. We’ve used it, and this is our honest review of what we think about this device.

Soberlink is, as you can see from the above image, the expert in remote alcohol monitoring technology. But what does this mean? It means you can test your sobriety levels from the comforts of your home. The important data, which hopefully shows that indeed you are sober, can be shared with family, lawyers or other persons that you trust. The idea is very simple, but the device is nothing short from extraordinary.

Soberlink provides innovative devices. Of course, you will have to do the work. It doesn’t perform miracles, but it’s a great help to help you conquer your alcohol addictions.

According to their website, “Soberlink helps you support accountability for sobriety through a comprehensive alcohol monitoring system”. We couldn’t have become sober without the alcohol monitor technology this company offers.

Why is Accountability Important?

I had the same question when I first started. But why do I need accountability? Isn’t that for people who don’t have enough discipline themselves?

According to this article, being accountable helps your sobriety. Of course, you need to put in enough effort yourself as well, but it’s always a good idea to have some people who can help you in the process.

Having an accountability buddy is a great way to stay accountable. You can’t do everything alone. It could be good advice that this person is also sober. That way you can work towards similar goals and check in with each other along the way.


Thanks to Soberlink I became sober, so it’s with no surprise that I leave a positive review here. If you look online, you will find plenty of positive Soberlink reviews. Of course, as with every successful company, there are some bad ones also. I can only speak from my own experience (that’s why I left a review on Quora as well), and I’ll give this company (thanks to their alcohol monitoring device) 5 stars out of 5. You need to do the work, but it’s always good to have an amazing company like Soberlink in your corner. Thanks for helping me Soberlink!!!