Tips And Techniques For Writing a Striking College Essay

Tips And Techniques For Writing a Striking College Essay

Last Updated on February 18, 2022 by azamqasim

If you are a college student, then you must have been assigned or so far have written a number of essays or so. College essays are different from the kind of essays you have written for your high school assignments where you did not have to write an essay introduction containing a thesis statement. Many students are not aware of these differences. 

Here some tips and techniques are shared for the students to write an engaging essay that will make some impression on your college teachers and make you stand out from the rest.

Hook your audience 

When your essay is addressed to an audience, there should be an issue or a question you need to create to make your audience wonder about what you mean by that and this can hook them in your essay. Always start your essay with a hook, it can be a question you pose, or an interesting quote, or mind blowing facts, an interesting anecdote. 

The purpose of the hook is to establish the interest of your readers to continue reading your essay. There are free essays writing services available online where you can get expert help and free resources to help you become an accomplished essay writer.

Do not be exclusively subjective

When you present an issue or a matter to discuss in your essay, it should not be exclusively about your past issues or some bad phases of your life. You must focus on sharing things about your learning and growth as a person or as a student that have helped you become a better version of you.

If you are describing any event in your past then connect it with your present self and how it is going to help you in your future.

Be expressive

When you are describing your past experience, make sure that you make your readers connect with you and relate it to their life experience. How it has affected you and your priorities in life. You can connect your readers with you by revealing your vulnerable side and your weaknesses along with the strengths that helped you overcome these weaknesses.

Give a twist 

When you reveal something unexpected while your readers are reading the essay, that is they would not have expected the least, it will captivate them and foster their curiosity about what is there to be expected in the end.

Don’t summarize

Make sure that what your point of view or your thoughts are, don’t state them explicitly. Your feelings and thoughts have less impact on the readers if you spell them with each and every unnecessary detail. This becomes unconvincing for the readers, let them read between the lines and extract the meaning of your story. Do not summarize everything for your readers, leave an ambiguous message for the readers to decipher on their own. 

Leave your reader with a lasting impression

Make your endings memorable, the conclusion must contain some well written phrases and words or simply with some truth coming from your heart, that instill emotions in the readers.