4 Signs Your Building Needs a Commercial Roof Repair

Commercial Roof Repair

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According to OSHA, falls are one of the most common causes of people getting injured while on the job. If you want to prevent falls from happening in your commercial building, it may be time to replace your roof. 

Having an old roof can be dangerous for your employees, lower the value of your commercial building, and cost you money. If your roof is in bad shape, it is time to call a roof repair company. If your roof is in bad shape, it is time to call a nearby roof repair company from Plainfield.

What are some of the most common signs that you need to hire commercial roof repair services? Keep reading to learn about the most common roof problems. 

1. Roof Bubbles

One of the most common signs that you need to hire a roofing professional is bubbling on your roof. If you have bubbles on your roof, that is a sign that moisture is trapped under the roof. 

Trapped moisture can lead to roof leaks and structural damage if you do not fix the problem immediately. You also may notice mold problems if there is moisture under the roof. 

As soon as you notice bubbles on your roof, you should take action. Commercial roofing services can fix the problem before it damages the rest of your building. 

2. Sagging Roof

If you notice that your roof is sagging, that is another sign that you need to call professionals. Roof sagging can happen because of a variety of different reasons, so that is why it’s best to let the professionals figure it out. 

A commercial roof can sag because of moisture, uneven weight distribution, compressed insulation, or the age of your roof. Regardless of why the roof is sagging, getting it fixed can prevent more expensive repairs in the future. 

3. Expensive Electric Bill

Have you noticed an increase in your electric bill? While there could be several variables to blame, you should consider having your roof looked at by a professional. 

If your roof is old or damaged, the insulation may not be as good as it should be. Having an old roof can cause your commercial building to lose heat and air conditioning faster than it should. 

Having poor insulation can increase your electric bill, overwork the HVAC system, and make your commercial building less comfortable. 

4. Damaged Roof Flashing

Another sign that you need commercial roof care is damaged flashing. Roof flashing is important to prevent water from getting under your roof or inside your commercial building. 

When you have damaged flashing, you are more likely to experience roof leaks and water damage. Roof leaks can result in expensive repairs, so make sure you fix the flashing right away. 

Do You Need Commercial Roof Repair?

Taking care of your commercial roof is important to prevent injuries, maintain the value of your property, and save money. If you notice bubbles, sagging, an expensive electric bill, or damaged flashing, it is time for a roof repair. 

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