Your Takeaway To Maintaining An Artificial Lawn

Artificial Lawn

Last Updated on February 6, 2023 by Faiza Murtaza

Every homeowner takes pride in their beautiful green lawns, many lawn enthusiasts take time out of their busy schedule and work hard to ensure their lawn looks perfect but some of us don’t have such expertise and time to do so but that doesn’t mean we should compromise on not having green lawns. We can always opt for artificial lawns. Artificial lawns need less maintenance and show long-lasting effects. Tims Total Turfcare takes pride in providing outstanding maintenance service for artificial lawn and showcases top quality work instant lawns in Adelaide.

Artificial Lawns: Their Role In Modern Abode!

Artificial lawns need very little maintenance. It is very crucial to know when the artificial turf needs replacement. The first indication that the artificial turf is nearing the end of its life span is changing the original green colour to a noticeable lighter shade colour. If you are thinking of instant lawns in Adelaide, always go through a variety of choices before selecting a particular option. If you have children or pets who constantly use the artificial lawn, you might need more maintenance than the others. 

Artificial lawns need maintenance from various causes such as spills, pet poops, stains, etc. Here are some tips to help you understand how to protect your artificial lawn and slow its ageing.

Monthly maintenance 

Artificial lawns can be easily kept uptight with just monthly maintenance. You can start with brushing the artificial grass, with gentle pressure you can remove the figs, leaves or twigs. You can also use the leaf blower to clean the dry leaves. For wet leaves, you can use the brush or your hands to pick them up. The most fascinating thing about artificial lawns is that you never have to cut the grass. 

Daily stain Removal

In the case of a natural lawn, you need not worry about stains. But artificial lawns need to be immediately taken care of. For mild stains you just have to act promptly, then soak the cleaning liquid in a clean cloth and tub it off. If it is a stubborn stain you can use a plastic knife or a spatula. You can also use mineral spirits for stringent stains. For cleaning sticky stuff such as chewing gum you can use aerosol refrigerants or dry ice. 

Removing Pet Waste

Cleaning up your pet’s waste is quite simple. You just have to wait for solid waste to dry and then easily pick it up and throw it. To avoid urine spots or smell, rinse the area properly with water and then dry it.

Cleaning weeds

Sometimes weeds grow through drainage holes, you can use weed killer at least twice a year. Pick the weed the moment you see it, don’t let it grow and lastly brush the lawn to keep the fibres intact.


There are a lot of reasons to switch to artificial lawns such as it doesn’t fade in the sunlight, looks fresh and green throughout the year, is safe for children and pets to play, it also reduces water bills, and the best thing is it gives more time to relax. Tims Total Turfcare also gives customized advice on the materials and type of grass to be used.

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