Your Takeaway To Unique Home Extensions

Your Takeaway To Unique Home Extensions
home extensions in Adelaide

Last Updated on February 13, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Do you want to increase the size of your home? If you’re thinking of adding on to your house, you should first examine what features will help tie it all together. You aim to complete effective improvements that deliver the coveted “wow” factor of home extensions in Adelaide.

Because your house is linked to theirs, it’s extremely crucial to be aware of your neighbors with a semi-detached property. Consider these semi-detached house addition ideas to learn how you may best convert your home to increase both room and value. 

Let’s look at some of the most interesting sorts of home extensions in Adelaide:

Why Home Extensions?

Home additions may be created to meet almost any need, desire, or necessity. By extending your living area to the side, front, or back of your home, you may increase your living space. Renovations do not have to be large and costly.

Even modest adjustments to your home design can enhance the way that you use your space and raise your house’s worth. Here are six suggestions for improving your house by adding a home addition that meets your needs.

a. Go deep for a basement extension!

Moving further down to the ground is by far one of the best home extensions Adelaide has come across. By descending into the basement, you may add an extra story without changing the outside. 

However, keep in mind the amount of work involved. Basement kitchen conversions take a lot longer than typical expansions since the excavation procedure is long and tedious. It can take anywhere around five months to build, compared to eight to twelve weeks for a normal house expansion.

b. Add a story

Experts like VY Built suggest that there are economies of scale to be realized since a two-story expansion has a smaller footprint than a single-story extension with the same floor space. With that stated, if you need to make room for a staircase to connect the two, you may have to sacrifice some floor space. 

If you expand from the back of the property, you may be able to make a visible distinction between the first and second floors while still maintaining the front end’s consistent appearance.

c. Go for curved walls!

Alternatively, a curved addition can be used to extend your home. Straight walls with right-angles maximize available space; however, if space isn’t an issue, curved walls may be preferable. They’re wonderful for shielding spiral staircases and generating a natural feeling of movement to the exterior of the property.

d. Glass links will be a charm!

A glass corridor connecting two portions of a home will give you a taste of the outdoors while yet allowing you to cross in your robe. Glass bridges and ‘open’ corridors bring in light and provide aesthetic appeal to open-ended houses where space isn’t a concern.


So that’s your takeaway to home extensions Adelaide! With house dwellers getting advanced with their needs and functionality, home extensions are a thing of the present. Now that you have a complete idea of the ‘how’s’, we hope you’ll be able to make the most of your business.