10 Critical Web Design Mistakes To Avoid In 2023

Critical Web Design Mistakes

Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by Faiza Murtaza

Your website’s design is the first impression of it a user. Not just that, a proper web design sets the stage for sustainable SEO and further helps in the reach, too. Customers are quick to judge your business upon landing on your website, and if it does not hit the mark for them, they are likely to bounce. So try to avoid the most critical web design Mistakes for high ranking in search engines.

As web developers, you’ll have just a few moments between a powerful user engagement and getting bounced. And the Website Design that you choose to go with will be the determinant factor for it. That is why one must keep their design choices in check and avoid critical web design mistakes in 2021.

Ten of the primary design mistakes that Website Design Company need to avoid are as follows:

Mistake #1: Neglecting Responsive Web Designs ~

In 2015, Google made a bunch of changes to how they rank websites on their search engine. Their motto was simple: Mobile First. These changes made perfect sense, given the leading rise of mobile usage for web browsing.

That is where Responsive Web Designing comes to play. A website designed to be responsive changes its layout according to the platform on which it gets displayed. And Google, with their search engine, put a lot of importance on it for their rankings. If neglected, a non-responsive website will make users bounce as it becomes inaccessible for them on mobile platforms. 

Mistake #2: A Complete Freemium Approach~

This problem is that of optimization and control. These two elements to Website Design Company are so crucial that they cannot be overlooked. By choosing a freemium development platform, the developer loses control over the site’s back-end code.

These platforms often provide limited options and control over how you can design your site. Not just that, most of these sites have little to no tools to review and edit the code behind your website. Choosing a freemium platform means giving away the control of your site to a third party. Instead, one can pick a premium service that provides the transparency, options, and accessibility that a professional web developer needs or self-host their website with open source tools.

Mistake #3: Lack of Attention on Content Presentation~

You must have heard the phrase Content is King. The content by your Web Development Company makes up for most of the site. After all, the delivery of information is what the site gets made for in the first place. Making the content for the site is not enough. It has to get presented adequately too.

Content that is lead-oriented, cohesive, clean, and exciting is likely to catch a user’s attention! Relevancy is also a must. Make your content relevant to the theme of the site and the subject matter it covers. Without that, a user has no reason to stay on the site and go through its content.

Mistake #4: Sophisticated Design~

What is a website without its usability? And what is usability without a proper design?

A Sophisticated web design by a Website Design Company is a huge drive-away factor for users. When a user lands, they need to be able to comprehend the site’s purpose. A complicated web design bars them from doing just that. Communication is crucial, and a simple layout helps you achieve an effective form of it. Simplicity does not mean a lack of content but laying out a proper format for it. An effective design is a simple one, and effective communication is a direct one.

Mistake #5: Lack of a Laid-out Re-Design Budget~

An underestimation may be present concerning the budget of a web re-design. There are several factors involved in making a budget decision for your website. If not taken into account, one can either run out of funds or overspend on their website.

For rectification, it is advisable for a Web Development Company to lay out a detailed budget plan for the design or re-design while considering all the factors involved.

Some of the factors to be mindful of are as follows:

• Strategy

• Branding

• Content Development, and

• Ownership

Mistake #6: Pop-Ups and Video Autoplay~

Ask any Millenial about the things they hated about the early internet days, and almost everyone familiar with that era will answer the same: POP UPS!

Any website with pop-ups is an atrocious website. While pop-ups can be very useful when used in moderation for things like cookies, it is clear that the more you use them, the more the site becomes unusable. At one point, the pop-ups become more visible than the site content itself.

It is quite beneficial for SEO to have a video on the front page of the site. But auto-playing them becomes a significant nuisance for the user. A user is likely to close off the site’s tab in frustration immediately upon encountering an autoplay video.

Mistake #7: Improper Navigation Design~

Of what use is a creative website if it’s not navigatable. A lot of creative potentials is lost when developers aren’t mindful of their site’s navigation design. Along with a simple web design, a proper navigation structure is a must. Without this, the user is likely to get lost on the web and never return to the site.

A proper navigation design helps users find what they’re looking for without entangling them in other parts of the site. Website Design Company also needs to be consistent with the brand and design theme chosen for the site. Having a system that lets users get in touch with the company while solving general issues on their own through FAQs goes a long way.

Mistake #8: Lack of a Secure Design Framework~

This problem is a pretty obvious one. Without proper security, a site is vulnerable to all sorts of cyber-attacks. Not only the site infrastructure can get in serious trouble, but sensitive user data can be compromised.

Website security is still a relevant factor to be considered by the Web Development Company. If the web-designing process gets conducted with Security in mind, it prevents any possible loopholes from existing when the back-end structure gets established.

Mistake #9: Neglecting Analytics~

Google Analytics is a tool that helps analyze the performance of your website. It helps track problems that can occur in the user experience while browsing the website. Ignoring such data and information provided by the service is a big mistake. By doing that, Website Design Company will miss out on a lot of ways that the website might not be functioning the way it should, and miss out on the intricate ways in which the website might not be functioning at all.

Mistake #10: Lack of Proper Testing~

Finally, one of the biggest mistakes of them all, lack testing. Before getting the website in production, Web Development Company must repeatedly test out the site in a structural way. This makes sure that when the site is on, in the least it functions well, if at all.


In this wild-west market of the internet, there is no room for common design mistakes to be made. Public demand is on the rise, and fulfilling them is the only choice. Thus, it is critical need to create a proper site experience for them. With the before-mentioned mistakes acknowledged, Website Design Company can avoid falling into the pit of terrible design mistakes, and come out with a shining and functioning website at their hands. 

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