14 ways to promote your youtube video

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YouTube is the most promising online video platform that is increasing day by day. Many creators are joining YouTube to showcase their passion through videos. But, rising as a YouTube Star is not easy. YouTubers are working hard to get into the limelight, but they do not shine or lost in the crowd. Do you know why? What can be the reason? remove bg.

Are you someone who is still thinking of starting YouTube or not? Then, this article will tell you how to create a great YouTube video and how to promote it.

Creating YouTube Video

Step 1: Write a good script and practice in front of the mirror or camera to gain confidence on camera.

Step 2: Take your camera- it can be DSLR or Smartphone, set in the tripod and video mode, and start recording.

Step 3: Now, shoot the video and speak your heart out, showing what you love.

Step 4: Take the help of an online video maker, for example- InVideo, and gather all the raw footage.

Step 5: Cut, trim and delete the unwanted portions. Add effects, transitions, voice-over (if needed), texts, and music to make the video amazing to watch.

Step 6: check the edited video and then Export. Voila! You are ready to share the video.

Step 7: Before you upload the final video, make a promo of the video with the help of a promo video maker to let the world know about the videos you will upload on the scheduled day and time.

How Promotion of YouTube Video Helps You Establish As An YouTuber

Though you are making an excellent video, it should reach the maximum number of audiences. Right people should find your video at the right time. It helps you increase your video as well you can earn good money from YouTube.

The promotion gives you the confidence to maximize your reach to a large number of audiences. Therefore, you must follow specific rules and steps that will help you promote the video. Also, promotion keeps your video on the top of the YouTube search engine.

If you are a budding YouTuber, then promotion of the YouTube channel is the primary task. It helps you grow in your business. Therefore, in this article, we will share 14 specific ways that you can follow to promote the videos on YouTube.

1. SEO Your Video

Like any other blog post, YouTube videos need proper optimization. SEO for videos is also very essential. You must research keywords as per your niche and include them in the description and title of the video. You can take the help of keyword.io for the keywords. Use video category tags so that YouTube can push the videos to the search bar and make the video relevant. Engage with viewers through comments. YouTube provides an About section where you can include the keyword in the first line. So that one can find your channel on the top of the search engine. In the Advanced Settings, you will see the channel keyword section; fill that section for better SEO. Also, optimize it for SERPs using these steps

  • Use related keywords and add timestamps
  • Before upload optimize video file name
  • Add keywords in the video description
  • Use blog to embed your videos
  • Make How-To Videos

2. Audience Engagement

When the audience loves your videos, they try to engage with your videos. It means they love the video content. Connect with them through comments. Pin the audience comment which you like. Also, conduct giveaways, contests, and live streams to engage audiences for your videos.

3. Thumbnail Customization

It would help if you created a fantastic thumbnail. Thumbnail must be clean, clear, and to the point. It should mislead, not it should be clickbait. Make it catchy as per the subject of the video.

4. Catchy Title

You must add a catchy title to the video that catches the audience’s attention that is relevant to the thumbnail picture.

5. Collaboration

It would help if you collaborated with brands and other channels to get more subscribers and views. Collaboration allows you properly expand your channel.

6. Social Media Promotion

Also, use the power of social media to promote your channel. It helps your social media audience know about you. You can get the attention of them, and they will follow you on social media.

7. Intro & Outro Video

Always start your video with an intro and outro video where you ask the audience to join the video and end screen to tell them to subscribe and like the video. Video can help you create the best intro and outro video.

8. Post Unique Content

Ultimately audience comes to your channel to watch relevant information. Therefore, you must post content that is relevant and unique. It helps you in the growth of your YouTube channel.

9. YouTube Metadata

There is a guideline in YouTube Metadata. You have to be honest, and even you have to choose quality over quantity. It even includes categories and tags.

10. Decent quality Video

You do not have to use high-end accessories to create videos. Yes, of course, you should not make a video that is poor in quality. You have to make videos with a good background, a good-to-go camera, and no background noise. Then you can get more views on the video.

11. Try Q and A

Ask your audience to ask your questions to which you will give answers. Ask on social media, emails, comments, and in particular, videos. It helps you interact with fans and get to know each other better.

12. Community and Stories

When YouTube provides you community tab, you have to be regular on that. Stay connected with the audience, share pictures and polls so that you get to know them.

13. Create Playlist

It would help if you created a playlist on YouTube. The audience clicks on the Playlist and finds the videos there in the Playlist. It keeps your channel videos in sync.

14. Give CTA

CTA helps the audiences to come back to your channel. They will connect with you over all the platforms and be a part of your YouTube family.

So, that is it for today! Keep these 14 ways in mind always when it comes to promote your YouTube videos.