5 Things to Know When Booking a Charter Fishing Trip


Booking a charter fishing trip is an excellent way to maximize the time you spend on the water, whether you’re planning a vacation with your family or learning new fishing techniques. Charter fishing trips are run by professional captains with local knowledge. This will help you catch more fish and have a better experience.

These tips and guidelines are for those who have not been on many charter fishing trips. They will help you to know what you need to do before you leave.

1. Licensing and Insurance

Verify that the captain or guide has the proper insurance and licensing. Ask the captain and guide if they are licensed and insured before you book a fishing charter. Charter captains usually provide this information either on their business cards or website. Charter captains and guides who are reputable always follow the law.

2. Experience With Target Species

You should find a captain or guide who is an expert in the species that you are aiming to catch. If a guide or captain has had several years experience with a particular fish species, they are more likely to be familiar with its migration patterns, eating habits, and preferred habitat.

3. Ask Other Anglers for Recommendations

Ask other anglers if they can recommend a guide or captain that has been a great experience. Anglers will often be happy to share the names and contact details of guides or captains with whom they’ve had good experiences. Ask if the guide is able to cater to the needs of new anglers and families, as well as if they are aware of boating security while on the water.

4. Gratuity Guidelines Standard

You may wonder, “How much should I tip my charter fishing guide?” The general rule is between 15% and 25 percent of the rate booked. Your tip should be based on the guide’s professionalism, skills, positive demeanor and ability to instruct. Your guide cannot guarantee the number of fish you will catch. This should not be your primary tipping criteria.

5. What Is Included in the Rate?

What is the cost of a fishing charter? What’s included? You are most likely to ask these two questions. Charter fishing rates can vary significantly (from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars), depending on factors such as the number of anglers and fishing destination. Before you go, find out what’s included in the rate. You can then plan your fishing trip and budget to cover any costs that are not included in the quoted rate. You can also determine whether the trip is worth it by knowing what’s included in the price.

You now have five tips that will help you choose the best fishing guide and charter captain. Start planning an adventure for your family to go fishing on a new river.
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