7 Best Cosmetic Skincare Treatments

7 Best Cosmetic Skincare Treatments

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The beauty industry is growing at an impressive speed. In fact, it’s valued at an estimated $532 billion and counting. As social media introduces new ways for consumers to enhance their appearance, skincare treatments become more accessible than ever.

With all of the options out there, it can be overwhelming to know the best path to take to get brand new skin. That’s where this guide comes in. It’ll go over all of the best cosmetic skincare treatments that will have you feeling and looking your best.

Ready to learn more? Let’s get started.

1. Radio-Frequency Microneedling

One of the biggest problems that people face when they get older is sagging skin. Although this is common, it can take a toll on your confidence. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to address this concern.

Skin tightening treatments are a popular method for taking years off your skin. Although there are surgical options, both patients and dermatologists prefer non-surgical treatments. One of those treatments is radio-frequency microneedling.

Microneedling uses a fine needle to create micro-wounds in the skin. This helps trigger the production of capillaries, collagen, and elastin. If the procedure also uses radiofrequency waves, it’s called radiofrequency microneedling.

The radiofrequency is released into the channels and this causes additional damage which enhances the effects of regular microneedling. The result is skin that grows back thicker and smoother.

2. Chemical Peels

If you’re dealing with acne scars, rough skin, wrinkles, or age spots then you might be interested in a chemical peel. This involves applying a chemical solution to remove damaged skin. The intensity ranges from mild to deep.

You can decide on the type of chemical peel based on how severe your skin problems are. Mild peels tend to use alpha-hydroxy acids and medium peels use trichloroacetic acid. Both help reduce acne and fine lines.

There are also Phenol treatments that produce the most dramatic result, but you’ll have to be patient since the recovery time is longer.

3. Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion is one of the most popular treatments to treat wrinkles and scars. It’s performed in an office or clinic.

A local anesthetic will numb the skin and the doctor will use a device to scrape away the top layer of skin. There are different depths that can be used depending on the severity of the skin issues.

You’ll likely deal with side effects such as swelling, burning, redness, or pain. The good news is that these effects don’t last long.

4. Microdermabrasion

If you like the thought of dermabrasion but aren’t ready to commit to a surgical procedure, microdermabrasion is the next best thing. It’s a milder version than its more intense counterpart but still works by removing imperfection on the outer layer of skin.

This helps with age spots, acne, enlarged pores, and discolored skin. It can also help reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

The procedure is simple enough. Your doctor uses a hand-held device that applies tiny crystals to sand the skin. It generally takes about 30 minutes to do and there’s no recovery time necessary.

5. Botox Injections

Botox is an incredibly popular option to improve your skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Doctors use a tiny needle to inject small amounts of botox into the muscles of your face. It’s just enough to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

You should know that Botox paralyzes the muscles and blocks certain nerves. Specific muscles are targeted, so the surrounding skin isn’t affected.

Botox is a quick treatment, only about 15 minutes of your time. It doesn’t require anesthesia or recovery time and the results last for months.

6. Laser Skin Resurfacing

Although the name may sound scary, laser skin resurfacing is an effective way to get brand new skin. It uses short, pulsating beams of light to treat common skin concerns such as age spots, scars, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone.

It does this by removing the outer layer of skin while heating deeper layers. This removal of the outer layer helps the skin look firmer and smoother. Deeper treatments help with scars or wrinkles.

You might have to deal with sensitivity to sunlight and redness but the results are worth it since they last for years.

7. Profhilo Treatment

If you’re looking for an effective way to get healthy skin then you’ll want a Profhilo treatment. This is an injectable skin remodeling treatment that contains one of the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid. It’s ideal for people whose skin lacks elasticity and volume.

Instead of just filling wrinkles and plumping, the slow release of HA stimulates the production of elastin and collagen. This improves your skin tone and reduces the appearance of fine lines.

The best part of all is that the results last for up to six months, so you don’t have to worry about getting the treatment done consistently.

Best Skincare Treatments for New Skin

As the beauty world continues to shift, you’ll begin to notice a surge in a variety of new cosmetic skincare treatments. If you’ve been waiting to get brand new skin, it’s important to do the research and understand all of your options. Although every treatment helps you achieve healthy skin, others target specific concerns.

Use this guide as a jump-off point and continue to explore everything that the beauty industry has to offer. Before you know it, your skin will look better than ever.

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