7 of the Best Jewelry Shopping Tips to Follow

Jewelry Shopping

Last Updated on January 17, 2024 by Umer Malik

Did you know that jewelry like a necklace is a meaningful gift? If you want to learn some tips for shopping for jewelry, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over some jewelry shopping tips.

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1. What’s Your Budget?

Different pieces of jewelry will vary in cost. Jewelry from an artisan might cost under 100 dollars and serve as a unique item to your collection.

But before you head into a local store or shop online, consider how much you can afford.

Make sure you know your budget. Otherwise, a pushy salesperson might end up suggesting an item that’s out of your budget.

Stay firm when they try and oversell you. Explain to the salesperson that you have a set limit and you can’t spend more.

2. Understand Jewelry Pieces

Think about what you’re looking for, and understand the differences between pieces

Do you want a gemstone piece, or would you prefer copper or silver earrings? What setting do you like for rings? Some people love the idea of a wooden ring.

Knowing these specific details will help you when shopping. You’ll also be able to ask the salesperson how to take care of your new purchase.

For example, a gemstone setting will need to get inspected by a jeweler. The jeweler will make sure the setting remains secure. For sterling silver, you’ll need to polish it reasonably often.

3. Do You Know the Ring Size?

Rings can get resized if you pick the wrong size. Yet, try getting the ring size before you go shopping. This way, you’ll feel more triumphant when you slip the ring onto your beloved’s finger.

Bring a costume jewelry piece to the jewelry, who can then determine the approximate size to pick.

4. What About the Recipient’s Jewelry Taste?

Common mistakes people make when shopping is they don’t think about the person’s preferences. You don’t want to wing it and pick an item you think looks cool or fancy.

You want to think about the intended person. Is your friend or relative conservative? Consider picking a classy set of hoops or pearl studs.

For the more adventurous type, or romantic, look for a heart-shaped necklace.

Try to notice what your loved one wears. You can look at old pictures. Do they like to wear silver? Do they prefer silver over gold?

Don’t give them something they won’t end up wearing. Most of the time, people won’t say they don’t like a particular piece of jewelry because it’s such an expensive gift.

5. Who Will You Buy From?

You should avoid buying a new piece of jewelry from a company or online store you don’t recognize.

You also shouldn’t buy from even a small store that doesn’t have reviews. You might think you’re getting a great deal, but the piece might be low-quality.

Buy decent pieces from a reputable jeweler. You will know the piece is safe to wear every day, and it’s genuine. You don’t want to run the risk of buying a fake piece.

Going to an online retailer like Amazon might not be your best choice. You will see all kinds of different price points, but you won’t be able to verify for sure if it’s quality or not.

Local stores might provide personalized service yet charge a high amount. Think about what means the most to you when shopping for jewelry.

Work with a reputable jeweler. Fake gems or overpriced pieces are difficult to spot if you’re new to jewelry shopping.

An easy way to find reputable sources is to check out the American Gem Society. They have information on certified jewelers.

6. What Are the Return Rules?

You should find out what the return rules are, just in case. What will happen if a clasp breaks or the opal falls out of the setting? Is there a warranty that will repair the piece? Will you get some money back?

It would help if you understood the return, exchange, and refund policies. Some stores will try and get you to buy an expensive extended warranty.

Before you pay for a warranty, consider the chances of needing to repair the piece. Some credit card companies will also offer extra warranty coverage.

7. Quality Pieces Will Cost You

Think about what you’re willing to spend on jewels. Do you want something high-quality that will last? Gold tends to cost more than silver.

If you want to buy something for a special occasion, start saving months in advance. This way, you won’t feel super stressed out when you make the purchase.

You also won’t end up cheaping out or maxing your credit card and feeling guilty.

You can get a quality piece for a reasonable price. Consider buying sterling silver necklaces or cubic zirconia earrings instead of diamond earrings.

Think about what you can afford. You shouldn’t cheap out and buy a low-quality piece. If you can’t afford to get a decent piece right now, you should wait and save up for a while and buy something that’s quality.

Use These Jewelry Shopping Tips

We hope this guide on jewelry shopping was helpful. Make sure you choose a budget beforehand, so you don’t end up overspending. If you’re buying someone a ring, try to get their ring size.

Are you looking for more shopping tips? We have resources on our blog, so stick around and learn more.

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