8 Simple Ways to Make Cleaning Day Actually Fun

8 Simple Ways to Make Cleaning Day Actually Fun

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Cleaning is a continuous process that you have to keep doing every day. To some people cleaning is a stressful job. But it shouldn’t be like that. It can be entertaining if you know how to do it.

Here I’ll show you 8 simple ways to make the cleaning day fun. So, let’s begin.

Make a Checklist

Cleaning can be fun when you have a checklist. We all know the feelings of completing a task and giving a tick right beside the item. It gives instant satisfaction. That’s why you should make a checklist on your cleaning day.

Put every item you are going to clean that day on the list. And make sure you tick whenever a task is completed. However, get in touch with cleaning professionals like Cleanzen Philadelphia occasionally to keep everything in tip top condition.

Play Music While Cleaning

This is my favorite part of the cleaning day. I always put on some music while I clean my house. You should do the same. Make a playlist the night before your cleaning day.

While you clean, let the music go on. It will feel like you are having a ‘me day.’ Play all your favorite songs; you can also taste some new genres or new songs.

Treat Yourself

Make sure you treat yourself well after you complete your cleaning task. It will not only make you excited, but also you will enjoy your time. Most of all, it will keep you motivated for your task.

So, set a goal for cleaning. Make it doable so that you can complete it within the deadline. And of course, reward yourself after you finish all the tasks.

Make Your Family Involve

You should involve your whole family in the cleaning process. It will give all of you a chance to work together on something. So, after completion, it will feel like a victory in a team effort.

While enjoying the whole time, you can spend the day with your family. Besides, it sets a pretty good example as well.


Not just listening to music, you can also sing while you clean your house. Bring out your secret talent and sing your favorite songs. This way, cleaning will become completely fun for you. You can also play your karaoke while you do dusting and wiping.

Turn It Into A Game

You can treat your cleaning tasks like a game. Each task represents a level. Whenever you complete a task, think as if you have completed a level. You can start from the easy ones and gradually go harder, just like a game.

Make It a Workout

Think of cleaning as exercise. Moping, dusting, wiping, etc., are physical activities that burn calories. So you can burn extra calories by cleaning your home. It wouldn’t be wrong if you considered cleaning as a workout.

Make It Smaller but Consistent

You will feel overwhelmed if you plan on cleaning the entire house in a day. It will stress you out. So, break it into parts and do something each day. This way, cleaning will become fun, and you’ll enjoy doing it.

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