A Brief Tour of Web Design and Development

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In case you have to deal with web designing and you are not familiar with the terms. You might be tangled with technical jargon such as HTML, CSS, Java, etc.

However, you do not need to be the experts of the domain or diving deep into coding. A brief of these technologies can make you deal with the technical group or individual such as a top web design company in Delhi, leading to the development of your website or maintaining it.

The websites define an entity’s identity, whether it is business or others, over the internet. These are the face of business in this century.

The entrepreneurs are more concerned about the websites since digital marketing makes their presence felt. Everyone wants to assess the power of modern marketing techniques that take the route of the internet.

There are many instances when an owner deals with the technical aspects of a website during business management. As technology is always evolving, you can get the requirement to update certain features of an existing website, often recommended by the development team by the top website design services in Delhi NCR. In case you have the idea of the technical terms of web designing, you can easily have a look at these features and decide where they are important or not.

Google makes frequent changes in its search technology, algorithms, etc. These updates often affect the SEO of a particular website. Thus, to adhere to the requirement, there might be chances of updates on the website’s technical aspect. 

Despite that, there may be chances that you can get specific ideas that you want to bring into your website. Therefore as a decision-maker, you can easily advise the developers and discuss the feasibility of a new feature.

To tackle such a situation, it is necessary for some insights into the technical aspects of web design. Here, we share a brief about the common web designing terms.

Coding Or Programming Languages

The basics of web designing are the programming language. A layout or functionality reflected in the web browsers is written with the help of a programming language. 

There are many programming languages available for a variety of purposes. A website or web page by the top web design company in Delhi, displayed in a browser window, is the result of many functions of hardware and software systems.

We are not going to discuss this system here. However, there are two parts: front end and back end, mostly responsible for the proper operations of a website.

Front End

In the case of web designing, the front end is the rendering part of the website. And, it takes the help of browsers to be able to display. The front end involves the mark up of text content, presentation as well as graphics, and interactivity for now.

The HTML (HyperText Markup Language) allows a web designer to mark up the text, content, etc. to give the whole page a structure. At the same time, CSS (Cascade Style Sheet) offers the attribute to add the colors, dimensions, etc. to the divisions containing text, image or graphics, etc.

Simply put, CSS gives the presentation to a webpage.

Apart from that, Javascript is an integral part of modern web designing projects. The language enables the addition of interactive features to a website. 

The interactivity drives user engagement, which is the essential aspect of the business during this phase.

Back End

The backend of a website serves the logic and data. The back end contains the logical coding of a connection to the database. In case, the website has a dynamic element such as real-time data function. A programming language is used to write the logic with proper commands to the database.

Java, PHP. Net are examples of back end development languages used by the top website design services in Delhi NCR. Developers use one of these languages to write the logic for a website.

Apart from this, SQL is preferred to access the database, and usually, it has the commands to embed in the logical code to get the required data.


The frameworks offer the environment to develop a website with the help of multiple languages properly. However, web designing has evolved so much. CSS, Javascript, has standalone frameworks to enable advanced features. 


A brief of the tools and technologies of web designing or web development is enough to understand the concepts, helping you in making your decision consciously.