Laravel Framework: why is it Best Development Framework?

Laravel Framework

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Selecting a suitable PHP development framework to formulate a web application for businesses might sound like a task owing to the number of options that you have. Choosing the the correct framework for application development depends on a number of factors. The Laravel framework is a better scorer than its contemporary web frameworks for its advanced functionalities that speed up the application development process.

Let’s assume that you need to create an application that requires a Model-View-Controller(MVC) architecture. The instant you start building this architecture, you will have various choices to choose from, in terms of the blueprint of the application. Here are a few concerns that you might have if you want to develop an application all by yourself. For example, which element of the application should you begin working on first, or should you install third-party integrations first, and many more.

Why Do You Need a Framework in the First Place?

These concerns might overwhelm you all the more if you are not into the MVC architecture, or if you have never used a framework earlier. If that is the case, it is reasoning enough for you to choose the Laravel Framework for developing an application. These details are well taken care of by Laravel, which also gives you various functions inbuilt into its structure that helps you concentrate on creating the business pitch of the application you are creating. This makes you save time that you would have contributed towards finding answers to such insignificant problems.

The Laravel Framework enables the developing team to seamlessly move through their development procedure with codes that can be reused. It belongs to one of the few frameworks that are flexible and has features that make it perfect as a platform for building websites. An an application that needs extensive development without a framework will look something like this.

As the number of people using the application increases or added features is required, you would need an increased number of developers to keep the application running. While recruiting new developers, you will have to explain the entire framework of the application from scratch. In addition to that, you would be explaining the other mechanisms that your development team follows.

This is why a new developer would need to have a clear understanding of the architecture that you had created. A situation like this would be disposed of if you opt for the Laravel Framework as it will bring about regularity during the development of applications. Laravel enables documentation detailing, so the developer that joins in would not require to sit through learning the new framework. When you build an application using a structure like Laravel, adding developers to the existing team becomes seamless. This is because Laravel experts would comprehend the code as it follows a similar pattern.

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Benefits of Using the Laravel Framework

As encouraging as it sounds to use this framework in creating your forthcoming application, here are a few benefits of using Laravel:

Out of the ordinary user verification

Laravel brings forth no ordinary user verification. Modern web applications need user authentication but when it comes to Laravel, you barely need to do anything to establish this.

When you turn on user authentication, Laravel sets up all the major components like the model of the user, and the login or register controls too. It is simple to expand any of these elements to further introduce any function according to the business requirement of the application. Laravel also provides your application to verify users using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. You just need to configure a minimum amount to get this done.

Smooth Email notifications

Nobody can do without email notifications these days. It is super easy to send out notifications through email. Laravel provides SMTP and PHP mail features, along with other email features like Mandrill, Mailgun, SparkPost, SendMail, etc. These features allow you to mail via a local or cloud service very fast. Laravel additionally enables markdown within email templates which allows you to formulate email notifications in seconds.

Artisan feature

This feature is the command interface for Laravel and enables developers in automating tasks using the command itself. These commands can be executed in the application and the developers can set up added commands on Artisan. The Artisan command can create a model, a controller, a database seeder, migrate the database, and much more, which proves its potential.


The Laravel Framework makes sure that your application development process keeps the security intact. It enables security by using hashed passwords meaning the password will never be saved as plain text in the repository. The framework contains the Bcrypt algorithm for producing an encrypted version of a password.

Database relocation

Developers in a software development company push towards keeping the database synchronic with the development systems. With the Laravel migration feature, this becomes extremely simple. As long as all of the database tasks are kept in migrations and seeds, you can smoothly relocate the alterations into other development systems.

The Responsible Interface

New functionality added in 2017, this feature executes the interface which can be reset using the controller method. After this, the router will check for the occurrence of Responsible when formulating a response.

Amazing layouts through the template engine

During the programming of tasks, the template engine becomes a tool that handles most of the data in text in website applications. To cut it short, the template engine binds the data model operates the code available in the source template and conducts the output to a specified textual file or stream. The template engine on Laravel is called the Blade. It is a preinstalled and robust template engine that eases the development process with some brilliant layouts.

ORM for easy exchange with the application database

ORM (object-relational mapper) enhances the performance of your web application through an easy exchange with your app repository through the use of an expressive syntax. It belongs to the house of the best ORM tools for app developers, as it enables them to conduct database queries with an easy PHP syntax. This means that you do not need to spend time formulating complicated codes in SQL, thereby saving you time.

Commands like Queue and Scheduler

There are certain time-consuming tasks while developing an application. For example, generating a PDF file to a CSV file as requested by a user. Laravel’s queue feature enables a merged API to delay such tasks for a later period. While the Scheduler command puts forth an API that schedules numerous tasks using the inbuilt functionalities. You would not need to log into your system’s terminal and these scheduled tasks become part of your code.

Dependency maintenance

The composer feature enables dependency regulation and autoloading. It helps install Laravel packages, making such management pretty seamless. At any time, you can keep a check on your package file and view the dependencies the application is utilizing. Furthermore, it allows you to update these dependencies.


The popularity of Laravel application development companies is on the rise because of the brilliant features it offers. Companies are even looking to hire dedicated Laravel developer so as to create an even strong team of web application developers. The top-notch performance of Laravel applications from these Laravel development services companies encourages you to start building your web application with the finest features and experience. Laravel’s dynamic community support is also a bonus for those looking at building web-based applications in 2020.

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