Classic Wedding Rings That Never Go Out of Style

Classic Wedding Rings That Never Go Out of Style

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The modern bride prefers to show her personal style and individual creativity when it comes to the choices for her wedding. From the cake to the dress, the colours chosen and even the invitations, every modern bride wants to stand out. However not everything needs to scream up-to-the-minute trends. One such legacy is the history of the Claddagh ring.

A wedding band should be the one item of jewelery that will stand the test of time and trends, which is why choosing a classic wedding ring will never go out of style.

There are three main styles when it comes to classic wedding bands, so choose the one that suits your personal taste and lifestyle.

Curved or Contoured Wedding Rings

A curved, or contoured, wedding band is designed to fit around the shape of your engagement ring. This was a very popular style early in the 20th century and it is now back in vogue. The main reason why curved wedding rings remain popular is because they allow you to easily wear it in combination with your engagement ring. Engagement rings are almost always more expensive than a wedding band so it makes sense to wear it every day and show it off. One drawback with this style, however, is if you decide to only wear the wedding band and not the engagement ring – the curved ring can look a bit odd.

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Plain Gold Wedding Rings

A simple gold wedding band is a timeless classic; it will never go out of style. Plain bands are available in any width from narrow to wide, or chosen to suit the size of your fingers. And you can also choose to have it made from a variety of precious metals including platinum, rose gold or traditional yellow gold. A plain wedding ring is also a great choice if you live an active life outdoors, or work with your hands on a regular basis as it won’t be damaged easily.

Matching Wedding Rings

A romantic choice is to have matching wedding rings for both partners. They can be identical, just in different sizes to fit, or they can be matching in the colour of the precious metal chosen or match with inset gems if you prefer. Again you can choose any combination of width and metal you prefer.

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In recent years ceramic rings have gained a lot of popularity, and particularly with men who don’t like wearing jewelry. This is due to the fact that ceramic rings are typically less than half the weight of standard mens wedding bands, and that makes them much easier to get used to wearing. Ceramic is also much stronger than you’d expect, and the durability of a ceramic ring is very similar to rings made of tungsten or cobalt.