A Guide to using load bars properly

A Guide to using load bars properly

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Alt Text: Load bars help make weighing livestock easier

Weighing cattle, pigs, and other livestock animals can be tough. One of the ways to make it easier is by investing in the right weighing equipment for your farm or veterinary clinic.

Although load bars can be used for many purposes, they are typically used in settings where heavy animals need to be weighed for many reasons, says Meltrons. As such, they can often be seen in veterinary and farm settings as well.

Typically, load bars are used to weigh objects or animals that are between 1000kg and 2000kg. When picking a load bar, it’s important to take note of the length of the animal being measured which in most cases is 0.6m to 1m. If you go less or above the recommended length, then you might not get an accurate measurement of the weight.

While effective and easy to use, load bars are actually easy a bit complicated to install. While each model is different in its own way, here’s a look at how they are installed.

How To Install A Load Bar

When you first get your load bar, you’ll be getting a few things mostly:

  • Two metal bars
  • A set of screws
  • A digital weight indicator

Most load bar packages don’t come with a platform. However, more sellers of load bars sell platforms as well. If you want to install the load bar properly, it would be wise to buy your load bar and your weighing platform from the same manufacturer so that compatibility is ensured.

First off, you’d want to make sure that you place your load bars on a flat and even platform. Weighing it on platforms that are uneven will make you get inaccurate results.

With that, you’ll need to attach the load bar to the weighing platforms using the set of screws you are given. The load bar should be around 3 to 4 inches away from the edge of the platforms from both sides. This will give the entire weighing platform more stability.

Once the load bars are installed, you’ll then have to attach the weight indicator to the load bars. Most load bars will come with tubes that connect to the weight indicator. All you need to do is attach these tubes.

How To Use A Load Bar

As you’ll most likely be using a load bar for weighing animals, that’s what we’re going to teach you today.

The process itself is actually very simple, You just need to get the animal into the weighing platform first. You can do this by guiding the animal towards the loading platform.

It’s highly recommended that you place the load bar inside a cage. That way, the animal to be weighed won’t be able to move out of the platform easily once they step inside. 

Before getting taking note of the measurement, make sure that the animal isn’t moving and that all of their feet are planted well into the ground. This ensures an accurate reading. As a general rule of thumb, get at least 3 measurements before you take note of the final weight.

How To Pick A Load Bar

There are lots of things you need to consider when it comes to buying a load bar. It’s important that you pick one out well as it’s not a cheap purchase. Here are some things you need to consider.


Load bars can be very expensive. You need to be mindful of your budget as the last thing you’d want to do is to go overboard with your purchase. While it can be tempting to buy high-end load bars, the last thing you’d want to do is to go beyond your budget for a single purchase.


Load bars can come with a wide selection of features. One feature to look for is connectivity to other devices. This will allow you to easily transmit data from the load bar to a computer or tablet in just a few taps. It can help increase your productivity.

Other features to look for include unit conversion, safety bolts, and many others. A simple load bar isn’t just going to cut it most of the time.


This is one of the most important factors to consider if you’re going to buy a load bar. A good and trustworthy brand means you’re getting an excellent load bar for your needs. While these load bars are more expensive, you’re at least guaranteed a quality product as well.

One of the best brands when it comes to weighing scales and load bars is Meltrons. They offer a fine selection of scales and high-quality load bars that can last a long time.

Load bars are essential for farms and veterinary offices. They make the process of weighing a lot easier for you and the animal. Investing in a good load bar is a must if you want to get accurate readings of livestock and other animals.

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