10 Actionable Insurance Marketing Ideas & Strategies for 2021

insurance marketing ideas

Last Updated on August 24, 2021 by azamqasim

Life comes with numerous eventualities, and insurance is that fundamental factor that can allow you to glide through them and ensure a stable financial future. For something this vital, you would think that you won’t need to focus on marketing and insurance advertising ideas. However, insurance marketing agencies know that it is not about the idea of insurance, but presenting your products better than your competitors to increase reach and, ultimately, sales.

To be honest, creating meaningful and valuable marketing strategies for insurance agents and insurance companies is hard. However, insurance marketing ideas are the savior for successfully implementing and achieving your organizational goals. You can increase your customer reach, sales, profits, and goodwill, and effectively reach your future growth potential.

How, you ask? The answer lies below.

Actionable insurance marketing ideas and strategies:

1. Content and SEO: 

Potential customers looking to buy insurance would primarily type keywords such as ‘best insurance company’, ‘best insurance broker to buy insurance, etc. The websites that have the highest volume of these keywords rank higher in search results and get more clicks from insurance-seeking customers.

The best way to rank your website higher is through search engine optimization (SEO) and writing regular keyword-oriented content, such as blogs. 

2. Social media marketing: 

Over 3.96 billion people are using social media worldwide. It can be a great way to strategize digital marketing for insurance agents. You can create a company page and post creative infographics or witty posts on relevant insurance-related topics for increased customer engagement.

3. Videos: 

Although a part of social media marketing, making valuable and informative videos can allow you to pitch your products in a more likable way.

You do not always need an expensive camera or an extended setup. Just use your smartphone and a quiet place to start making product videos and explain how they can help. You can post them on your website and your social media accounts to gain traction.

4. Email marketing:

Email newsletters are a brilliant way to let your clients and customers know about your daily/weekly operations. The newsletter should include things like what you are planning to do, how you will do it, how it will create value for the readers, etc.

For less time consumption and ready-to-go templates, you can use email services such as Mailchimp.

5. Pay Per Click (PPC):

This is one of the best ways to advertise your products digitally. You can spend a portion of your marketing budget on PPC, allowing you to advertise your products to potential customers who are scrolling through their social media. Remember to use an eye-catching design or your best video for the advertisement post.

6. Brand advocacy:

Brand advocacy is when your present customers put in a good word for you on online channels. You can take it as a digital version of positive word-of-mouth.

You can ensure brand advocacy by creating comprehensive customer-oriented policies for pre and post-sales experience. It can prove beneficial to gain more customers by catering to your present customers’ needs.

7. Customer testimonials:

You can post customer testimonials on your websites and other social media channels to increase public goodwill and create a positive expression on potential customers. You can reach out to past customers and clients as well to request feedback. Most potential customers find reviews from their peers effective enough to buy the products instantly. 

8. Local language content:

People feel a better sense of belonging if an insurance company caters to their needs in their local language. If the content about your company and its products is in the language they speak and understand, you will achieve your insurance agent marketing goals compellingly.

9. Hosting giveaways and events:

You know the new normal. You can distinguish your insurance business from others by hosting online events and giveaways to escalate your online presence and customer engagement.

Pick a theme. Invite an expert to hold a conversation or a quiz on the topic and converse with the followers who join, giving them small gifts along the way.

10. Caring is free marketing:

Whether you are trying to succeed at your efforts of insurance broker marketing or trying to sustain and expand, caring for your present or potential customers is the best way to move forward. Create policies to support customers at a personal level. Create relationships and extend a cooperative, helping hand at the time of a claim. You will see that it creates goodwill and establishes your business as one that looks after its customers.

Marketing has become the most powerful tool for agents, brokers, and insurance companies to find new leads and grow their businesses. You can try multiple ideas and strategies and create a comprehensive marketing policy. 

If you think the process is overwhelming, you can always hire an insurance marketing agency to help you out with creative insurance advertising ideas. Amura is an experienced insurance marketing agency that employs marketing experts to analyze your business inside out and create the most effective, suitable, and successful marketing strategies.