10 Top Benefits of Adding Polo Shirts to Your Business Uniform


Last Updated on January 21, 2024 by Umer Malik

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Have you ever looked across your shop front or showroom floor and wished there was a way to get your staff to look more professional? You’d like to get them uniforms, but formal clothes seem…too formal.

Have you considered uniform polo shirts? Opting for a polo shirt with your company logo on has many benefits. From looking professional to advertising your brand, the benefits are endless.

Why Polo Shirts Are a Good Idea

There are plenty of reasons why a polo shirt is a good choice for workwear. Let’s delve right in to find out why!

Employees Look Presentable and Professional

If you don’t have a designated uniform, there’s always the risk of them showing up to work in clothes that aren’t really presentable. Wearing t-shirts often create a vibe that isn’t presentable in certain industries.

When you create a uniform polo shirt for staff to wear, it makes them appear presentable and professional. This gives customers the sense that it’s a professional establishment.

Brand Awareness

It’s no secret that one of the quickest ways to achieve brand recognition is to put your logo where people can see it all the time. The easiest place will be on the polo shirts your staff are wearing. It’s easy for customers to associate your staff with your brand and by repeatedly seeing the logo, customers will remember your business.

Walking Advertisements

Employees and loyal customers who wear the polo shirts with your logo on are essentially walking advertisements. Think for instance of an employee who goes out for lunch. The brand is seen everywhere your employee goes. And who better to answer questions about the product or service than the employees wearing the polos?

Offer a Sense of Security

If you’re in a business where staff do deliveries or go out to customers’ offices or homes, a polo shirt will identify the staff member as being on your team. It’ll make it easier for your customers to identify and trust your staff.

Easy to Identify Staff in Store

Have you ever been shopping in a store, and someone came up to you and asked, “Excuse me, do you work here?” If that has happened to you, it means the customer has probably been walking around looking for someone to assist them with something.

Having customers “lost” in your store is not only unprofessional but will eventually lead to the customer getting frustrated and leaving the store. That means a lost sale! When staff wear polos it’s easy for customers to know who to ask and get the assistance they require.

Employees Feel Comfortable

Depending on the conditions your employees work in, it could be quite uncomfortable to work in formal shirts and pants. For instance, employees who do sales but also rearrange their showrooms would be more comfortable doing so if they are wearing polos and jeans or chinos.

Working in a hot office environment will also be a lot more comfortable if you’re in a polo shirt rather than a stuffy, collared formal shirt.

Promotes Teamwork

Having your employees wearing polos creates a sense of teamwork. Think of sports teams – they all wear the same shirt, indicating that they are part of something unique.

Everything a team does is generally aimed at achieving the group’s objective which in the case of your business would be to create or improve profits. It also sets your staff apart from competitors at events where other brands in your industry may have representatives present.

Employees Look Great

Another huge benefit of getting your employees polo shirts is that they look impressive. Think of the great promotional photos you can take for your company’s social media pages.

Polos are also perfect for customer days, or charity events – potential customers looking at your event photos will be able to identify your staff on the photos and get a sense of what your company is all about.

Polos Are Customisable

Polo shirts are easily customisable. From the type of fabric, sizes and logos to colours. While still representing your company, different colours can easily identify different departments. You could easily have the sales team wearing one colour while the delivery crews wear another.

Saves Employees Money on Workwear

Everyone wants to look their best for work. Working in an environment without a uniform means you should have a few different items of clothing to wear for the week. This can feel quite expensive, especially for employees who are just starting out.

It’s also worth noting that many people’s personal wardrobe is very different from their more professional workwear. Not only will your employees save money, but they’ll also eliminate the age-old question of – “what will I wear?”

Final Thought

Opting for polo shirts for your business uniform is a sure way to get your staff looking professional and in sync. An added bonus is the free advertising you’ll get when your employees walk around town wearing your company logo. See how easily you can change the way your customers see your brand?

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