Business Advice 2023—8 Tips to Survive Today’s Competitive Market


Last Updated on January 21, 2024 by Umer Malik

Who is your greatest competition? Is it the big corporations that already have most of the market share? Or do you simply hope to trump your competitor across the road and draw a few more clients from your local community this year? We’re here to assist!

Business leaders can make small changes that have a huge impact in the long run, but do think out the box. From transforming your team’s work uniforms to making this your year to learn a bit more about marketing, you can easily show your worth as a preferred vendor. Here are 8 ways to get you started.

Find the Balance Between Focusing on Old vs New Customers

Whether you provide services or products, of course the key to a rise in sales is acquiring new customers. Just remember you may pay five times what you spend on customer retention, just to get new ones. And if your current client base is loyal you can’t risk losing that regular income stream AND their word of mouth marketing.

With this in mind, spend enough time on finding new parties interested in your business while not sacrificing the good service your existing customers are used to.

Rethink Your Target Market

While keeping an eye on client retention, your hunt for new business should include researching a possible new target audience.

The past few years saw massive changes in society, the economy, people’s needs and their priorities. Your previous primary audience may not have need of your business anymore and a different type of customer may have discovered your product or service is vital. It’s time for some new market research, to ensure you stay relevant to customer needs now.

It’s Time to Learn About Marketing

The market is too competitive to think you’ll make it just because you have something great to offer.

Digital marketing means your target audience gets adverts from around the globe and since people are on their mobile devices so much these days, they’re inundated with marketing material—from your competitors too. Consumers also don’t mind ordering items from the other side of the world, even if you’re closer to them. You need to market to capture and keep their attention.

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Optimize Branding and Impress Visually in Every Way Possible

Part of your marketing rethink is to determine how effectively your branding helps you make an impact. Branding includes having a logo and colours associated with your business, but it’s much more. It’s also about the reputation associated with that brand and how well your look is known in the public arena.

A lot of this relates to how your brand impresses visually:

  • Does your website represent professionalism and is it easily associated with your logo and colour palette?
  • When customers interact with you and your team, what does your clothing say about your brand? Perhaps it’s time to get branded clothing for offsite workers so they look neat. Or perhaps create guidelines for office attire so work uniforms help impress clients that visit your premises.
  • Be careful about which other brands you associate with. Pairing your information and logo with another company’s on a flyer or at an event indirectly tells customers you support that brand’s values. Do they align with your own?

Pick Smart USPs

As you try to improve your branding and decide how you’ll word your marketing message this year, don’t try and sell yourself as a company that is as good as the market leaders at what they do. You may not be able to beat them at what they are already good at. However, you have something that makes you unique, which many consumers may prefer to the big brands. Perhaps you can provide custom products or personal service which larger organisations can’t?

Work on Your Reputation as a Boss

To improve your company you need a winning team. You’ll only attract the best of the talent pool if your employees can report on their good working environment. Word will quickly get out if you micromanage, if you’re unfair in decision making or if there’s a toxic office atmosphere.

People want to work for places where they feel welcome and comfortable. Improve your skills as a leader and you’ll attract the individuals who will help you get ahead in the industry.

Invest in Streamlining Systems and Workflows

To beat others you need to be better and faster than they are. This proves the value of investing in software and technology that can automate processes and help your team get more done in a day, without sacrificing quality. This applies to various business aspects, but a few simple examples are:

  • Software and apps to improve communication between team members
  • Management apps to organise work tickets
  • Effective HR and accounting software to prevent human errors that could lead to huge problems

Last Words: What Does Your Competition Know that You Don’t?

Although you must be different to the competition, remember they’re also doing all they can to survive. Look at how they’re marketing and guess what’s behind their reasoning. Their research prompted their advertising decisions, so perhaps they have valuable insight that you can also use?

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