The Address to Make a Beautiful, Cheap and Prestigious Stone Tomb

The Address to Make a Beautiful, Cheap and Prestigious Stone Tomb

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Building a beautiful stone tomb is an expression of respect, remembrance of people with meritorious services, to grandparents, parents, who created the future inheritance for descendants.

But what is a stone tomb, what is inside the tomb, beautiful tomb designs and how to build and repair the tomb in accordance with feng shui are the things that people often wonder. All will be answered in the following article by Phan Vinh Stone Fine Art.

In addition, Phan Vinh will also introduce more about a standard grave construction and production process, quote for beautiful stone tombs and why people still believe in choosing Phan Vinh during the past time.

Fine arts stone is a beautiful cultural feature of the Vietnamese people and Ninh Van Stone Craft Village is one of the most famous handicraft villages in Vietnam. Ninh Van Stone Village has a tradition of nearly 500 years of establishment and development.

The village was developed by the ancestor Hoang Sung in Nhoi village. He was born and raised in Thanh Hoa. But it is charming with the land of Ninh Binh. Once having the opportunity to come here he moved to live and settle there.

After many years, he started to pass on his craft of carving handicrafts to the next generations in Ninh Binh. Since then, the stone handicraft village lang mo da dep was also born and developed until today.

1. The address to make a beautiful, cheap and prestigious stone tomb

Stone Fine Arts Phan Vinh is one of the heirs who inherits the meaningful fine art stone profession of Ninh Binh land. With a passion for fine art stone products, Phan Vinh always has a desire to build and preserve the traditional culture that his father created.

Not only that, Phan Vinh also wishes to bring the cultural beauty of his home country to the world market to promote the quintessence of the Vietnamese people and help other countries understand more about the customs and traditions of the country. Vietnamese people from ancient times.

Basic knowledge to know about stone tombs

Before consulting beautiful rock tombs and tombstones, make sure you understand the following basics so as not to be misunderstood:

2. What is a stone tomb?

The stone tomb is one of the most typical stone structures in Vietnam with many different styles, materials, patterns and meanings.

The stone tomb is a complex of stone structures from stone tombs, stone tombs, stone incense burners, stone lamps, stone steles, stone letters to the outer encapsulation details such as stone gates, stone foundations, fences. rock…

All the details in the stone tomb are crafted in a sophisticated xu ly nuoc gieng khoan and skillful manner because this is a work of both spiritual and feng-shui meaning.

Stone tomb area is a word widely used in the community, but in fact it is just another way of calling a stone tomb.

But often the tomb area is a way to call a large-scale tomb, including a lot of tombs inside and full of decorations and worship accessories. For example, the family cemetery, the clan, the burial place of the deceased in the lineage.

Tomb area built of rocks will be called stone tombs.

The stone tombs, in addition to the aesthetic aspect, also carry the noble meanings of descendants for the deceased and are a place where feng shui brings good omen to the family.

The image of a large-scale stone tomb contains many tombs of an entire family

3. The difference between a stone tomb and a stone tomb

Rock tombs and dolmens are two separate terms but are often referred to together and lead to confusion.

The stone tomb as mentioned above is a complete project including the exterior such as the fence, the gate and the inner parts such as the incense burner, the shrine, the altar, the stone stele, the letter … The ordinary stone tombs. is built in the open air and has a large scale.

As shown in the picture above, the stone tomb can be seen inside the stone tomb. The stone tomb is a burial place for the deceased built of stone with openings on the top and side of the tomb.

The tomb can be very simple but can also be more sophisticated depending on the request of the owner. Especially when nowadays, artisans are creating more and more diverse tomb designs as well as adding richer materials.

Therefore, the biggest difference between a stone tomb and a stone tomb or a stone tomb is that it is simply the burial part of the deceased. And the stone tomb contains many stone tombs inside and also decorative and worship items attached.