Advantages of Garment Printing

Advantages of Garment Printing

Last Updated on March 21, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

You might not know this but garment printing, such as t-shirt printing and jacket printing has been around in some form for far longer than you might think. Screen printing, popular in Asia first came to the rest of the world in the 1700s it is believed. In Asia, it has been popular for far longer. Today the most popular garment used for printing are t-shirts, short sleeves, no sleeves and long sleeves but many other clothing can be personalized using garment printing methods. Screen is still popular today but there are more modern options too.

What are the benefits of jacket and t-shirt printing

There are more occasions than you might have thought that are suited to having customized t-shirts or garments. The more tshirt printing you order too, the more you can save. Reasons people buy printed garments include;

  1. Promoting a sale – If you are having a sale you want to promote one way you can do that is to design and order t-shirts that advertise your event and your location. Give them to staff to wear so customers know it is coming and you could even hand out give-aways so people might wear the shirt elsewhere and act as cheap marketing for you.   
  2. To raise money for charity or your organization – Maybe you are joining a run o raise money for charity and maybe a group of you are in town raising funds. Wearing a t-shirt that advertises your charity or why you are raising money that catches people’s attention is a good way to do better. You could even ask a business to support you and offer to have their logo on your shirt.   
  3. To wear matching shirts for an event or party – If you are and a group of friends or your family are heading to a themed party or event you could wear customized t-shirts or have jacket printing done, to link to your theme.  
  4. To promote a product or your business – As with the sale promotion, t-shirts are good for general marketing or marketing a new brand or product coming out to catch attention and draw more people in to check it out. Have an image of the product and your business name and location.    
  5. As gifts – Customized garments make affordable and personal gifts, have photos on them, get them embroidered, the choice in decoration is yours.  
  6. To create a team – People at an event, whether sporting, corporate or something else can feel like a team working together when they are in shirts designed to do so.   


These are some of the more popular reasons why people have tshirt printing done, but there are lots more. You can really get some great results with a good printing service that has the experience and produces quality printing on quality shirts or garments. Take some time to explore your options. While you can choose to go local there are also some trustworthy and excellent printers online too for reasonable pricing and service.