Top 7 Advertising techniques used by the advertisers

Top 7 Advertising techniques used by the advertisers

Last Updated on February 14, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

In this era of digitalization, companies have focused to adopt modern advertisement techniques keeping in view the importance of “Screen”. With the advent of social media, advertising has become changed people’s mindsets. The way they perceive something must be taken care of, to advertise a newly launched product.

Advertisement has a direct relationship with sales because more people tend to buy your product. As the famous quote says “people buy with emotions and justify with logic”. This is where advertising comes into play to build an emotional relationship with the target audience by evoking their interest. Once they have built interest in the product, then the product itself satiate their intrigue with the unique qualities it’s been made up with.

Without further ado, let’s straight dive into different advertising techniques that are being used by the top companies just for the sake of advertisement of their products.

Emotional appeal

This type of advertisement is specifically known to hit the audience with their emotions. There might be different types of emotions that any human holds in his nature.

Happiness. This is one of the most important emotions, that you can hit during your advertisement and people fall prey to it. It gives a sense of fulfillment and contentment. Every person wants to be happy so in this regard, the happiness factor comes in handy.

Fear of missing out

You can urge your audience to purchase your product by letting them know your only product is the only solution for their problem. If they don’t buy your product now, there might be a long time to get it back in the market again.

The audience wants an immediate solution for their urgent problems. They need a solution for their problem as soon as possible. They fear losing something, this is how you can take convince them to buy your product and get your problem resolved.

Promotional advertising

As the name represents, it’s just for the broader view of your products. Usually, this kind of advertisement is done before the launch of the product. It serves as the teaser of your product so that audience get to know what they are going to get in your product i.e. overview

You can give away any sample to your customers to check whether or not your products suit their needs. It makes a connection with your audience and they start trusting your brand as they’re aware of for a long time.

Questioning the customers

This is a pretty nice approach to hit the customers by the throat. First of all, you ask them to unveil your problems and then offer them a solution that can be less in price and unique in its mechanism.

Questionnaire gets you, customers, up to large extent and you advertise your project in quite a successful way. This has become quite trendy and companies have been trying this method of advertising since back and yet it’s been quite phenomenal when it comes to getting others to know about your product.


This is a kind of bribe to give a final push to your customers to get what they want. It’s a win-win situation as customers get more of what they deserve at a particular price and you being a company owner make sales. It not only helps you in introducing your product but also convinces your customers to buy again.

Bonuses also create a sense of joy for the customers because they get additional things without spending any money. E.g. buy one get one free, 50% off on all products.


In the field of advertisement, social reviews are considered the backbone. They skyrocket the performance of your product by inculcating it into the audience’s minds. If you have testimonials to show the people, you back up your claims and people start trusting your brand/product. Once they build trust, they don’t be late in making the sale.

To my knowledge, this is the best advertising way to convince your audience. It’s not wrong to say that ‘Testimonial generate sales without being salesy”.


In visual advertising, colors combination play a vital role in grabbing attention. First of all, you need to grab your audience’s attention and then pique their interest. Colors do their part as far as arresting the attention with the uniqueness in combination.

Psychology says the human eye gets attracted to specific colors. As long as you get those color combinations related to your product, you make sales in abundance.

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