All about yale pallet jack battery online

All about yale pallet jack battery online

The yale pallet jack battery is in fact a 24V Industrial lithium battery for 4500 LB electric pallet jacks. It is lightweight but a powerful pallet jack lithium-ion battery series that delivers an unbeatable efficiency and can last for as high as 3500 cycles. A pallet jack battery pack is made up of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) cells making them the most incredible and long-lasting industrial forklift batteries in the national and international market.

More information on yale pallet jack battery online

A yale pallet jack battery online is UL listed and is highly compatible with OEM interface requisites of industrial forklift batteries. It is authenticated that these industrial forklift batteries have demonstrated not only high dependability but also unmatched performance in many material handling operations, especially throughout Europe and the USA.

No doubt, battery pallet jacks or an Industrial lithium battery are designed to run optimally in rigorous operations while rendering consistent power on demand. However, a user can lower the recharge time of a yale pallet jack battery and simultaneously save on energy costs without reducing the lifespan of an Industrial lithium battery through opportunity charging. 

The product specification of a yale pallet jack battery online is unique. It has a self-discharge of less than three percent monthly and an open circuit voltage of 25.6V. Its case material is commercial grade steel with an ingress protection of IP67. The cell type or chemistry of a pallet jack battery pack is diamond – LiFePO4 with a group mode of 8S1P.

The charging methodology of a yale pallet jack battery is CCCV with a charge voltage of 14.3 V to 14.6 V. The maximum continuous charging current is 400A whereas its discharge current continuous is 40 A. It encompasses a working voltage range of 20 to 29.2V. The charge, discharge, and storage temperatures of a pallet jack battery pack are 0 ℃ to 50 ℃, -20 ℃ to 55 ℃, and 0 ℃to 40℃, respectively.

The compliance specifications of a lithium ion forklift battery or a yale pallet jack battery are CE, UN 38.3, IEC, ISO9001, etc., and its vehicle and display communication modes are CAN, and RS485, respectively.  

The battery pallet jacks and locating a trusted industrial lithium battery manufacturer online

However, finding the ideal battery pallet jacks and a reliable industrial lithium battery manufacturer online is greatly dependent upon the services that are provided to its customers worldwide. These include the performances of a yale pallet jack battery viz. Low maintenance, fastest possible charging, high discharge currents, unique capacity, low temperatures and highest possible efficiencies, high cycle count, and more. An authenticated industrial lithium battery manufacturer can be instantly, effortlessly, and safely accessed via a click on anytime, anywhere. This is due to the simple reason that assimilated with a worldwide distributor network and supply of necessary resources and training to their dealers and distributors this industrial lithium battery manufacturer provides the highest customer satisfaction in terms of quality products and services for industrial forklift batteries in general and battery pallet jacks in specific.

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