How to Find the Right Aluminum Die Castings Manufacturer for Your Product

How to Find the Right Aluminum Die Castings Manufacturer for Your Product

Last Updated on March 20, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Finding the best aluminum die castings manufacturer can be a difficult task. It can take time and research to find a company that fits your budget, product quality, and timeline. Thankfully, we’ve done the work for you! Here is a list of five die casting companies that have been rated as some of the best in the industry. We highlight what makes them special and what they specialize in so you can find the perfect match for your needs.

What is Aluminum Die Casting?

The application range of non-ferrous metal alloy die castings, particularly light alloy die castings, is rapidly expanding due to the advancement of industries such as automobiles and motorcycles, as well as the recognition of requirements for improving die casting quality, reducing energy consumption, and reducing pollution.  Since the commercialization of die-casting aluminum alloy in 1914, with the development of the automotive industry and the invention of the cold chamber die-casting machine,aluminum alloy die-casting products are continuously expanding. 

Die-casting is a casting method in which a molten metal, such as aluminum, is injected at high pressure into a high-precision mold to quickly solidify and remove it. Aluminum alloys are cast products produced by die casting. The molten metal, created by melting aluminum and turning it into a liquid, is poured into a mold at high speeds and molded. Because die casting requires faster molten metal injection than standard castings, molten aluminum must also be highly fluid. As a result, the composition differs slightly from that of other metal castings. For example, Iron added for aluminum alloy die casting is an impurity in ordinary aluminum casting metal, but it is purposefully added for aluminum die casting to prevent mold seizing. It is said that casting accuracy is difficult to obtain, but one of the major advantages of aluminum die casting is that it can produce high dimensional accuracy, making it a production method that is especially suitable for mass production. Most metal materials are heat-treated before being used, but in the case of aluminum die casting, the finished casting is frequently not heat-treated, and this is done at high speed when injecting molten metal, allowing air and other contaminants to enter. In some cases, it is claimed that heat treatment can cause this to expand and cause internal defects. The absence of a heat treatment process also shortens the manufacturing cycle.However, the demand for higher quality aluminum castings, as well as technological innovations to meet it, have recently progressed, and among die casting methods, a method known as the special die casting method is becoming more popular. This method includes the vacuum die casting method and the non-porous die casting method, and heat treatment is possible when using these. Heat treatment improves mechanical and physical properties in this case, as it does in others. Improved mechanical properties, which were previously one of the weaknesses of aluminum castings that are resistant to mass production, are broadening their applications. Die casting is mass-produced because it uses a reusable mold, molten metal can be poured at high speeds by applying pressure, and rapid solidification hardens the molten metal, which other casting methods cannot do. There are a few options available. As a result, the mold is expensive, but it is standard practice to use a high-precision, reusable mold made of heat-resistant steel.

Factors to consider when choosing a manufacturer

Choosing the right manufacturer is important in the die-casting industry. Making the right decision, on the other hand, is a difficult task. In fact, there are numerous factors to consider when determining which manufacturer will supply you with products. Whatever you need manufactured, you should apply the same criteria to a manufacturer whether they are producing a single prototype or a full production of your product. Customers who are faced with this decision right now are fortunate. As we have a detailed guide to selecting the best manufacturer. 

Compare Your Needs To The Specific Capabilities Of Your Potential Manufacturer

The capabilities of a manufacturer are more than just its equipment list. The manufacturer should be able to assist you with material selection. OEMs, for example, may have specific needs, such as modifications of quick-turn prototypes  to manufactured products

You must be confident that the company can perform at the standard expected by your work

Inquire about work-in-process checks and final inspections if you require machined parts with tight tolerances. ISO-certified companies have a well-defined quality management system.

  1. Find out what Design for Manufacturability (DFM) services actually involve if you require them

Design for manufacturability (also known as design for manufacturing or DFM) is the general engineering practice of designing products to be easily manufactured. The concept exists in almost all engineering disciplines, but how it is implemented varies greatly depending on the manufacturing technology.

  1. Choose a company that contacts you on a regular basis rather than only when problems arise

If you require frequent updates, will you be able to get them whether or not the project manager is available?

  1. Check to see if a potential manufacturing partner can meet your delivery deadlines

Request examples, read the reports, and determine whether the content evokes a sense of trust or expresses concern. In addition, ff products are to ship internationally, to find out if the manufacturer can handle all of the required international documents.

5 Top Aluminum Die Castings Manufacturers

Tawainese aluminum die castings manufacturer  can provide you with cost and productivity savings at every stage of the manufacturing process. This involves  prototype makers, low-volume production services, and high-volume manufacturing. We compiled the top 5 aluminum die castings manufacturer in Taiwan. 

TEAMSWORLD Customized Die Casting and Plastics Injection Molding Solutions Taiwan

TeamsWorld die casting taiwan is a Taiwan-based manufacturing supply chain management company with decades of experience in the lighting industry. It is a B-Corporation that develops innovative solutions to sustain consumption and production in manufacturing. Teamsworld has been providing manufacturing, product development, supply chain management, agile management, and resilient production in the lighting, automotive, electronics, subcontracting, metal parts, plastics parts, sustainable management, die casting, and plastic injection industries since 1977.  In order to meet the needs of its customers without negatively impacting the environment, this  aluminum die castings manufacturer  strives to consume resources and products in a sustainable and responsible manner. They offer customers integrated consulting solutions for customized metal and plastic parts in the manufacturing sectors, particularly connecting international buyers with Taiwanese suppliers. As an aluminum die castings manufacturer , they also provide a wide range of die-casting services, including surface treatments, heat treatments, and mechanical treatments on aluminum castings based on your specifications. In addition, they provide zinc die-casting services such as design, mold, product, finish treatment, OEM die casting, and assembly. Precision injection parts for plastic injection are available, as are surface treatments, sonic welding, and CNC machining. They also provide personalized service for a variety of surface treatments, providing you with a one-stop solution.

Peng Ming Enterprise Company

Peng Ming Enterprise has been involved in die casting for over 30 years. They  have manufactured a wide range of custom metal parts, so the company can offer a diverse range of products to its customers. Automotive components, computer components, clamps, cylinders, fans, street lights, lamps, surveillance cameras, telecom components, firearms, hardware, and industrial sensors are some of the most common types of products they create for clients. If the metal part that the customer requires does not fall into one of these categories, they may still be able to produce it. They are also certified by the International Organization for Standardization, which constantly audits businesses to ensure they are meeting their high customer satisfaction standards.  The alloys based on zinc and aluminum are used to make the parts. They  can provide customers with a high-quality product while keeping it affordable by using these materials. In fact, when compared to other die casting companies, they have some of the most competitive pricing available. Furthermore, their quality assurance program ensures that their products are of the highest quality before being shipped to customers.

Golden Pond Metal Die Casting Co., Ltd

Golden Pond Metal Die Casting Company was founded by Jinchi Lai in 1947.  Jinchi Lai is a pioneer  in Taiwan’s die casting industry and his company has been a prominent supplier of custom casting solutions for over 69 years. Customers can get a one-stop aluminum Die-casting solution from them, as well as aluminum Die-casting services ranging from 125 to 800 metric tons. They use one-of-a-kind manufacturing techniques in conjunction with careful planning to design and customize for each valuable client. It means you can choose a design from existing samples or create a unique design that meets your needs. All designs and services are completely customizable, ensuring that clients get exactly what they want.

They offer six distinct services to clients that can support all of their requirements and create the perfect mold:

  1.  High-power and modern CNC machines that ensure clients get their mold with high accuracy and detail, and the use of EDM machines to increase accuracy.
  2. Their electric furnaces maintain a constant temperature, allowing for precise die casting, which is ideal for clients who want to make molds out of alloys.
  3. Their facility is equipped with cold chamber die casting machines, pressure die casting machines, vacuum die casting machines, and holding furnaces, allowing them to provide a variety of services. 
  4. The company has a diverse set of quality control tools, including CMM, E. DIA, and I. DIA gauge, pole gauge, V gauge, depth gauge, thickness gauge, taping gauge, CMMs, and vernier calipers are all examples of measuring tools.
  5. In addition, the facility has modern air compressors, generators, and release agent pumping systems to ensure proper die casting.
  6. Finally, superior holding furnaces are used to ensure consistent quality and check the temperature capacity of the molds, resulting in no long-term side effects due to environmentally friendly and low-pollution furnaces.

Ted-Yue Precision Die Casting Co., Ltd

It was founded in 1983 and the company specializes in the production of zinc-aluminum alloy die-casting series products and has been in the precision casting technology and mold development business for over 36 years. Their products are made from simple to complex designs of zinc-aluminum die-casting parts, such as LED/lighting parts, electrical parts, auto parts, and hardware parts, among other things. They offer complete post-processing automatic CNC technology, as well as various types of perfect surface treatment such as electroplating, paint baking, polishing, grinding, vibration, and consistent assembly operation. They also offer design and OEM services. In recent years, the company’s performance has improved significantly, and it has received ISO9001: 2015 quality certification and a certificate for its quality management system. In order to actively develop in overseas markets, the company has also established foreign business departments. 

HF-TI Precision Molding Manufacture Co., Ltd

In 1996, HF-TI Precision Molding Manufacture Co., Ltd. was established. HF-TI employs high-efficiency hot chamber die casting and is involved in professional precision zinc, aluminum alloy die-casting, and plastic injection molding customized products, particularly precision die-casting and thin shell product lines. The company’s products include zinc, aluminum alloy die castings, and plastic products of optics,  Fiber Optics, SFP, electronics, optical communications, computers, mobile phones, antenna connectors, hardware, Custom Plastic Injection etc. They can provide self-model proofing, mold design, mold opening, small-scale testing, mass production, post-treatment, surface treatment, and other consistent overall solutions according to customers’ needs. Their primary objectives in order to provide the best services and high-quality products to all of our customers are as follows: 1.Delivery of  products of the assured quality on the appointed schedule. 2.The company’s contribution is based on reliability and performance, meeting the needs of customers, and a willingness to take on new challenges. 3.Encouraging  employees’ passion through ongoing training, fair remuneration, and cooperative and respectful relationships within the company. 4.Excellence in product quality and the highest levels of technical and commercial performance


Finding the right manufacturer will make a significant difference in the success of your company.   A long-term relationship with the right supplier will ensure that your company’s manufacturing needs are met for the longest time possible. Over time, this can provide you with cash reserves that most people do not have.