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Tactical Lights

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Mobile lighting, also known as portable lighting, they are small, light weight, with a certain degree of mobility. In some countries or regions, wilderness life and outdoor sports are increasingly becoming a new way of life and recreational pastime. However, in the outdoor environment, the lack of electrical facilities, the night vision is not clear, so the portability and durability of mobile lighting to meet the needs of people for outdoor lighting, has become a necessary tool for wild life and outdoor activities. Nowadays, LED mobile lighting products are also widely used in daily lighting, cycling, hunting search, camping, fishing and other fields. So, next we focus on one of the important mobile lighting tools – tactical lights.

Tactical lights are a classification of flashlights that are often used by law enforcement officers or police officers along with their weapons, many times they are used to perform tasks at night, in the dark environment of warehouses, hallways, or houses that lack lighting. When they are fitted with tactical lights, they can identify targets and track them more clearly. At the same time, tactical lights can be used both as a daily lighting tool and mounted on weapons, so there are different classifications of tactical lights. First is the tactical flashlight, although its principle and structure and ordinary flashlights are not fundamentally different, but tactical flashlights need to adapt to the requirements of use in a variety of harsh environments, its performance is much higher than the ordinary flashlight, the head of the flashlight will also be installed with a gear-shaped bezel (can be used as a self-defense micro-weapon).And when the tactical flashlight is used with a firearm, the flashlight will have a greater range of illumination and greater mobility. This type of tactical flashlight will be equipped with a pressure switch generally, people can light up or turn off the flashlight instantly by pressing the tail switch.

Second, the police often use another larger flashlight in their daily duties, it is not only able to illuminate and has a special role – searchlight. Searchlights are also a kind of tactical lights.Searchlights have a high-powered light source and special photonic components to meet the needs of long-range search elements. Searchlights have a high-powered light source and special photonic components to meet the needs of long-range search elements. However, about the police and law enforcement, it is often used as a powerful mobile lighting tool at night or as a tactical means to disrupt the enemy’s line of sight. Searchlights have portable, efficient, tactical use and other characteristics to meet the requirements of outdoor detection, search detection and signal indication.

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In order to make it easier for law enforcement officers to use tactical lights during their missions, tactical gun lights are also a common lighting tool. They are mounted on the weapon so that the tactical light can be used without the handheld tactical light, achieving the purpose of freeing the hands . Weapon-mounted lights are most commonly used on rifles, shotguns and submachine guns, and recently small tactical lights mounted on handguns have become more common, but they must first be strong enough to withstand the recoil of the firearm. The main purpose of tactical lights is to provide clear illumination and to assist in aiming at a certain distance. Therefore, the tactical gun light will also develop infrared and laser sights according to the different needs of people. Compared with the traditional tactical flashlight, the gun light has the advantage of providing instant illumination, and the pointing aiming accuracy at close range is improved greatly with the assistance of the gun light. Olight’s Baldr mini is a perfect match for the above characteristics (adjustable rail, simple operation and rechargeable design), and is also equipped with a green laser, which greatly improves targeting accuracy.

Fourth, tactical lights can also be mounted directly on the rails on both sides of the helmet, which will make daily lighting more convenient. Now, there are also professional tactical headlamps, which are simple to operate, have a full range of lighting modes (white, red, SOS) and are made of impact-resistant nylon material. Tactical headlamps can still meet the general lighting, field search and tactical assistance.

In summary, tactical lights as a mobile lighting tools, it also with the development of the times produced many functions, a variety of uses, more convenient and superior performance of the lighting tools.The reliability of tactical lights is very important, it is not like EDC flashlights, or outdoor flashlights are used in daily life widely, but it has a stronger performance than EDC flashlights and other mobile lighting tools, more professional operation methods, more perfect means of self-defense.