Significance of Traffic Signs and lights

Traffic Signs

Last Updated on February 7, 2023 by Faiza Murtaza

Are you aware of the significance of the prevailing road signals and traffic rules in your state? Whichever road you drive your vehicle, you are to follow certain traffic rules and regulations. What if the roads are devoid of traffic signs and traffic lights? Unfortunate accidents will take place in large numbers resulting in property/vehicle damage, injuries and death. It is for this reason, it becomes important to install traffic safety products

Reasons to abide by traffic signs and traffic lights

  • Traffic lights: They are also referred to as signal lights, traffic lamps, traffic control signals and traffic semaphore. They generally have three colours. Red stands for stop, green to go and orange/yellow to switch to red or green. Other highways and roads tend to use green and red traffic light signals but with same meaning. Traffic lights help smooth flow of traffic even in busy streets and highways. It reduces vehicle collisions and crashes intersections. Besides this, they ensure pedestrian safety,  crossing of busy junctions, etc. Thus, Traffic Safety Supply when properly installed at the correct places helps save pedestrians and drivers alike. 
  • Road Signs: Generally, there are three main road signs followed across the globe, something every driver is to adhere to strictly.
    • Warning signs: Traffic Signs boost safe driving conditions on all types of roads and highways. Warning signs inform drivers about the bends and curves ahead of them. Also is indicated if there is present a lane transition or merge, pedestrian crossing or intersection, divided highway, hill warning, narrow road, notices, speed bump, advance traffic control, roundabout, etc. Not heeding to those warning signs will only result in grave danger, especially concerning hazard ahead or ongoing construction work, as well as falling rocks and slippery road. You can get quality warning signs at
    • Regulatory or Advisory signs: Such signs indicate maximum and right speeds on specific roads. It indicates one-way only roads, bridges with specific weight capacity, etc. Other instances involving regulatory signs include no entry, no overtaking, no parking, no U-turn or blowing of horns. Heeding to advisory signs and Safety Signs will ensure safe drive
    • Informative road signs: Road Traffic Aluminum Signs offer drivers with vital information. It informs of nearby schools, hotel, airport or hospital. It also indicates distance to cover to reach the nearest town or city including right unloading/loading area. Drivers can also get directions to park their cars at the right place. 

Why to adhere to traffic lights and road signals sincerely?

Following Solar Traffic Road Signs and lights will ensure safety of drivers, passengers, vehicle, pedestrians and property alike. It also reduces significantly fatalities and accidents that otherwise will be caused due to lack of knowledge or negligence of what lies ahead on the road. 

The road safety products are required in huge numbers to be installed on road intersections and busy thoroughfares as well as places having hospitals, schools, etc. Also, the public in general should be educated to understand and follow these signs, thus making the road a safe place to be.

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