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Last Updated on January 13, 2023 by Faiza Murtaza

There is no universal solution that will help you only make profit. But if you have a good understanding of the CPA model, traffic sources and the features of each of them, the chances of success will increase significantly.

What is CPA?

CPA (click per action) is a model in marketing that allows an advertiser to cooperate with an CPA affiliate marketer to promote their product or service. In this case, the advertiser pays for a certain action performed by the customer (“target action”).

Target action can be different, depending on many criteria. Most often, payments can be accrued for:

  • Filling out the feedback form;
  • Making a purchase / ordering a service;
  • Application installation;
  • Subscribing;
  • Content viewing;
  • Calling the hotline.

In order to get high conversion rates, you need to be very careful about the choice of traffic sources (channels).

The main criteria for selecting traffic sources for CPA offers

It can be difficult to understand all the advantages and disadvantages of traffic sources right off the bat, especially for beginners. If you decide to work with CPA offers, but do not know where to start, we recommend that you outline the main criteria for selecting traffic sources. These are the parameters the effectiveness and profitability of the placed advertising depend on.

1) Targeting

Targeting plays a key role in choosing a traffic source. Agree that it is very difficult to promote products or services to an audience that is not interested in them. Therefore, it is worth choosing traffic affiliate channels that have ample opportunities for targeting: from the gender and age of the target audience to its interests, the time of activity on the network, and even the sites they often visit.

2) Cost

When working with CPA offers, it is important to calculate, predict and recoup the cost of an advertising campaign. For example, contextual advertising is often more expensive than social media advertising. This is due to the fact that in the results of a search engine, the customer often looks for products already having the desire and willingness to buy them. While a social network user may belong to the target audience of a product, at the same time, they may not have the desire to order it.

3) Reach

Obviously, different traffic sources have different numbers of users. If you want to reach a wide audience, you should choose traffic sources that are more common in the world. If the CPA offer is tied to a specific geo, be sure to find out which networks and promotion methods are popular in your chosen region.

4) Restrictions

Some traffic sources have many rules and restrictions regarding the number of product categories or services. You should familiarize yourself with them before you plan an advertising campaign.

Best traffic sources for CPA offers

Today we will take a look at the traffic sources that suit CPA offers best.

  • Search advertising is one of the most popular sources of traffic. Traffic can be obtained through competent work with SEO optimization or through an advertising campaign in a search engine. For example, Google has the ability to place both text and visual ads.
  • Social networks offer a huge audience and wide possibilities in targeting settings that are the advantages of this source. But you should pay attention to the limitations: for example, Facebook has quite a lot of them, which sometimes complicates the launch of the ad account.
  • Native advertising is a working source that is used a little less in CPA. In this type of advertising, the credibility and popularity of the site or blog on which it is placed plays an important role. With a warm audience that trusts the source, high conversion rates can be achieved.
  • Newsletters are most often automatic emails and less often – SMS messages. This is an effective source of traffic if you use it for offers with promotions, discounts, drawings. However, for high conversion rates, you first need to collect a database of “live” and verified emails.
  • ClickUnder is a relatively inexpensive source, thanks to which the user is redirected to the desired page after clicking in any area of the source site. While ClickUnder is cheap and can even help you get high reach, it has a downside: conversions are usually lower due to the high number of cold leads and bounces.

Pop Under –

the user gets to the advertising page after clicking on the pop-up banner (including the “close” button). This source is gradually losing its popularity.

  • Push notifications are often used in a wide variety of CPA niches. These are short notifications that are not very annoying to the user and allow them to take quick action. In addition, the cost of push notifications is not high, which allows you to use the source effectively even with a small budget.

Mobile traffic –

the source is essentially all smartphone users when they visit the site or automatically go to the page / application of the advertiser. The advantage of mobile traffic is the absence of an ad blocker.

  • InApp is an effective source to promote apps, games, webinars or specific offers. Advertising is placed directly in applications, which allows you to reach a more loyal audience.


The CPA model is more complex than, for example, the CPL model. It requires more effort and knowledge, because the user must not only be brought to the site, but also pushed to perform the target action since the payment of the CPA affiliate program depends on this.

To create a working link, you need to study traffic sources, their advantages and disadvantages, take into account the features of the offer and the target audience, test and develop different sources without focusing on one.

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