A Guide to Gas Boiler Replacement Costs.

Boiler Replacement

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Boiler replacement is a task that most homeowners experience once every 15 years. It would help if you found the right boiler for your home to enjoy comfortable living for a long period of time. However, finding a suitable gas boiler replacement can be a challenging task. Still, this investment is worthwhile as it will allow your home energy to operate at nearly 94% efficiency if you choose a high quality modern boiler. Finding the best boiler optimal for your specific requirements requires much research. This article will offer information on the final boiler replacement cost and things you should consider when making the switch to a new system.

Why do you need to replace your boiler?

Experts advise that you replace your old boiler when it is inefficient, broken, or no longer functional. As boilers must work hard to keep our homes warm, even during the coldest days, you must ensure they are in perfect condition. A new boiler can save a lot on your energy bills. Nearly 60% of your home’s energy bill annually is for heating. If your boiler is old and not working efficiently, you may be paying 30% more on your annual energy bill. The initial boiler replacement cost is quite expensive. However, the increased efficiency and reduction in your energy bills it provides will pay off your investment in no time.

Some of the reasons why you should replace your boiler include the following:

– Your boiler is damaged

– It has been over 15 years since your boiler was installed.

– Your energy bill has become steeper

– Your boiler is generating some strange sounds. 

– You are not getting enough hot water for your use

– A smell is coming from the boiler

What is the cost of replacing my old boiler?

There is no standard price for boiler replacement. The final boiler replacement cost will depend on your choice of heating system.

Before you buy a boiler, you have to ensure that the new one you are getting is optimum for your needs. To find the best boiler that satisfies your requirements, you must seek answers to these questions:

– Do you have a large family that requires high hot water consumption?

– How many bathrooms are you using?

– Is the new boiler solar water heating compatible?

– Do you want to buy a boiler that uses the same fuel?

– Are you looking for a boiler that has a lower carbon footprint?

If you want to buy a new boiler in the UK, you have to pay somewhere in the range of £ 500-£ 21,000. This range seems very wide because numerous factors affect the cost of a new boiler.

The cost range of new boilers is as follows:

1. Combi boiler – £ 500-£ 2000

2. System boiler-£ 1000-£ 2500

3. Conventional boiler-£ 500-£ 2750

4. Biomass boiler-£ 4000-£ 21,000


Do not try to replace your old boiler on your own. Replacing a boiler requires expert knowledge and skills. You should contact a few local HVAC contractors and get their quotes for boiler replacement costs. Now compare their prices and the services they offer to find which one of them provides you with the best deal. You can also look at the online reviews of the HVAC contractors before selecting one of them to replace your existing boiler.

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