Tips on beating the heat with your T-shirt game this summer

Tips on beating the heat with your T-shirt game this summer

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As the summer days are knocking on your door, it’s high time you ready yourself to beat the scorching heat outside. It is the time when you buy clothes that will be comfortable for the days you will sweat hard. One needs to be extra conscious about clothing during the summers because these days can be associated with heat rashes, dehydration, skin tans, and breakouts.

Now, as T-shirts form a major portion of men’s clothing, they need to be extra conscious when shopping for the summer days. However, one also cannot stop caring about fashion just to be comfortable. Scroll down and get to know some ways in which you can beat the heat in a smart way.

Ways in which you can stay cool this summer

When it comes to choosing T-shirts for your sweaty days, you need to keep in mind various factors to help stay cool. Given below are some points you should keep in mind while you shop.

Selecting suitable fabrics for your tee

Fabrics play a major role in choosing the right T-shirt for your summer wear. It is suggested that men should go for cotton fabrics as it helps absorb the sweat from the body and prevents any kind of infections arising from the sweat. Therefore, go for T-shirts that are made with breathable material and help you stay cool. You can easily grab some great cotton T-shirts from the best t-shirts brand in India and keep yourself comfortable this summer.

Choose sleeves of your t-shirt carefully

Though the soaring temperatures will make you buy sleeveless tees, make sure you do not fall into the trap and opt for the ones with half or full sleeves. It is because sleeveless tees will expose your skin to harmful sun rays, inviting problems such as heat rashes and UV damage. Moreover, the skin becomes prone to wrinkles and aging on being exposed to too much heat. So, to prevent various these, try opting for tees that will keep your hands covered.

Be wise regarding the colors and prints

Choosing T-shirts in the shades of white, beige, yellow, and other light colors will help you stay cool because they reflect the sun’s rays back to the atmosphere. On the other hand, T-shirts with darker fabrics absorb the rays, trap them and make you feel hotter. Likewise, going for simpler prints and checks helps one to stay cool. The heavier the prints, the hotter you will feel.

When you are buying a t-shirt, it is important to keep in mind the fabric. Cotton is the ideal fabric for summers, especially if you stay in a humid area, as it absorbs moisture. Try to wear less nylon and polyester as they lack the property to absorb sweat. With the summer days arriving, you can check out some great cotton T-shirts available on