Top 5 Benefits of Corny Keg for Home Brewing Body


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What could be better than a purchase of a universal appliance, which saves your time and money? Every bar or pub owner dreams about such an ideal device.

Today one of these demanded appliances among bar owners and home brewers is a corny keg. 

Corny keg, which is also known as a Cornelius ball lock keg, is a special canister made of stainless steel. A corny keg is called a universal appliance because it is used for beer storage as well as dispensing.

Cornelius Ball Lock Keg

Why Is It Reasonable to Choose a Corny Keg?

There are 5 main reasons to acquire a corny keg for your bar, pub, or home brewery:

  1. Assurance of forced carbonation. You do not need to wait for bottle conditioning anymore. It is enough to fill the canister with beer and charge it with CO2.
  2. Corny keg saves your time because you do not need to provide a bottling routine. You can avoid beer bottle cleaning, filling, and capping.
  3. Cornelius kegs are small, so, they take up little space. That is why they are so popular among home-brewers who are usually limited in space. A standard full-size fridge can hold 4 canisters.
  4. Due to the quality and solid materials, corny kegs are reliable and durable canisters. Even if a seal wears out, the replacement is very easy and affordable.
  5. Longevity of corny keg, which saves your money. It is commonly known that glass beer bottles are fragile and it is very easy to break them. As for plastic and king canisters, they are scratched very quickly. Although corny kegs are considered to be more expensive, it is necessary to take into account the cost of the damage caused by broken bottles and spoiled cheap kegs.

What is more, the purchase of a corny keg allows simplifying the storage of beer, its racking, and dispensing. 

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