Benefits of Using Custom Cardboard Boxes for Packaging

Corrugated Boxes

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Corrugated boxes are much more than packaging boxes. Due to the immense popularity and increasing use of these boxes, manufacturers have started customizing these boxes to help companies find the perfect fit for their products. At present more than 95% of products are shipped in this type of boxes. Corrugated cardboard is considered to be the best packing material because of the benefits it offers. Any business that needs to ship products needs an economical yet durable packaging solution. Corrugated packaging not only protects the product during shipping but can also be customized with brand name and logo. These boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes- die-cut boxes, folding cartons, regular slotted boxes, overlapped boxes, one-piece folding boxes, five-panel boxes, suitcase-style, double cover boxes, and many more.

Why Use Corrugated Boxes?

Packaging is a vital part of any business that needs to distribute products to the retailers or ship them directly to the customers. If the packaging box is not the proper fit or the material is not robust then your product will get damaged before it reaches its ultimate destination. These boxes are made using a corrugated board with a fluted sheet that is glued to liners. The flutes act as a cushion and keep the product safe against jerks and vibrations. Besides keeping the product safe, packaging also creates the first impression of your business. Your customer can identify your product simply by looking at the packaging. Below we’ve listed some more amazing benefits of using custom corrugated boxes for shipping.

1.      Best Possible Protection

As mentioned above, corrugated boxes used to protect products during shipping. Unlike average cardboard boxes, this material has a stable cushion that can keep even the most fragile of products safe. Also, there’s an option to customize the boxes in any shape, size, and thickness to achieve superior level protection. The high-quality boxes are designed to prevent moisture and make products withstand long shipping times. The perfect size of the box keeps the good in place to ensure minimal jostling while keeping them dust and dirt free.

2.      Sustainable Packaging

With increasing environmental consciousness, businesses, as well as customers prefer eco-friendly packaging. Cardboard is an environmentally friendly material and is 100% recyclable. Using this type of box will not only reduce your carbon footprint but will also make a positive image of your business in front of customers. People appreciate eco-friendly packaging and these boxes can even be reused. These lightweight, versatile boxes can easily decompose and keep the environment safe.

3.      Customization & Branding

The custom packaging manufacturers offer a customization facility that allows businesses to get corrugated boxes in any shape and size. The digital printing technology also allows them to print company logos and names on the boxes that help businesses in creating brand awareness. Customize packaging look more professional and creates a lasting impression. Moreover, getting the right fit box ensures maximum safety. Depending on the product requirements, the boxes can be made moisture-resistant and print in any color. Custom printed packaging boxes work as a marketing tool and you can choose options like lamination, foiling, spot UV, or die-cut to achieve flawless packaging.

4.      Cost-Effective Packaging

When it comes to packaging, businesses need a cost-effective solution. Corrugated boxes are the most economical packaging option available at present. Moreover, customization allows getting the right size box- neither oversized nor undersized. Earlier companies were forced to use standard size boxes that could be too big for their products. Shipping in oversized products needs fillers to keep the product safe and big boxes take more space. Fillers increase the package weight and big size needs more space which results in higher transportation charges. But custom boxes are a perfect fit that eliminates the need for fillers and takes less space. This results in transportation cost savings.

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