Best Outfit Tips For Netball Players

Best Outfit Tips For Netball Players

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Netball matches are as exciting as Cricket and Football. This game has thousands of netball players and millions of audiences around the globe, especially in Australia and New Zealand. The game is slowly becoming widespread worldwide, and women are the ones who play this game the most. You will find several Men’s Netball Tournaments, but women dominate this game everywhere.

Since this sport is played internationally, the players have specific dress codes. They need to wear the uniform as per the rules of national and international netball associations. Netball uniform is simple and has minimum accessories, as the game doesn’t cause significant injuries. But, whatever the uniform is, you need to consider the rules set by the leagues.

What are items one must wear for the netball match? How can they ensure they wear the suitable quality material not to affect their game? You will have the answers to these questions after reading the rest of the article.

Tips for choosing the proper netball costume/uniform:

A cohesive outfit is necessary for this game, and it makes you look like a team. The team will look better put together, and the audience can recognise their favourite teams/players by the netball uniform. Now, below are some tips for you to buy the correct uniform:

Training shoes and socks

In these kinds of games, quality is of utmost priority for footwear. Looks are important, but the footwear must be functional during the game. Only purchase the brands that promise high-quality material and performance. Several brands make shoes exclusively for sports, and that’s what you must buy.

These trainers must have:

  • The proper grip on the soles
  • Better ankle and foot support
  • Proper fit

Netball is a physically demanding sport, and if you wear worn out or old trainers, you may face ankle/foot injuries. Without proper trainers, your performance will not reach its peak.


If you have ever played any game or ran wearing shoes sans socks, you know the pain it causes the next day. It also harms the skin and makes it difficult to walk. A pair of high-quality socks will enhance your performance by giving your foot a proper fit inside the shoes and eliminating skin damages like splinters, blisters, and cuts.

The outfit

In the case of an outfit, you have three options—skirts, shorts, or dresses. It usually depends on the preference of the players or the decision of the coaches.

All-female leagues prefer skirts or dresses and mixed-gender or male teams opt for unisex shorts. Overall, the uniform changes depending on the players and league.

Appropriate bibs for the team

The bibs are vital for each individual, showing where they belong in the field. For example, the goalkeeper wears a bib that says “GK” on it. Ensure that the bibs you purchase are of appropriate size and are readable.

Bibs are custom made for the players, and it fits them well—these bibs let the players move without any restrictions.

Decide between ankle and knee strap.

As mentioned earlier, netball is a very physically demanding game and can cause damage to the players who don’t use proper gear and safety equipment. Skills are necessary for netball games, and footwork differentiates your team from the others.

The more skills you have, the more games you’ll win and, in the end, win the tournament. In netball, sudden movements of the foot can cause strain on your ankles and knees, and the best way to shield your joints from injuries is by wearing an ankle or knee strap.

Whether to wear both knee and ankle straps or just one of them is based on the individual’s preference.

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