Best Places to Live in Chicago in 2021


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Among the largest cities in the United States, Chicago has a lot to offer in terms of liveability. It is not only a beautiful place to settle in, but also a hub of career opportunities as 30 of the top 500 Fortune companies have a base here. Deciding where to live can seem like a daunting task, especially if you are thinking of relocating to Chicago. There are many options available when it comes to locations and facilities they offer, and you can make an informed decision based on the information we have put together in this article. To make the relocation to a new neighborhood easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the neighborhoods that you’re likely to find most appealing. 

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Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park, one of Chicago’s oldest neighborhoods, is one of the most attractive places to reside since it is one of the city’s most historic areas. You can tell you’re in a historical region when you walk past the taverns, stores, and restaurants in this neighborhood. For starters, Lincoln Park is a stunningly lovely place. Residences are lined by trees and old brick houses on the residential lanes. There are numerous parks, a zoo, and a nature museum to enjoy. Suppose you are seeking something more vibrant or a little less kid-friendly. In that case, you may visit one of the over a million pubs on Lincoln Avenue. Lincoln Park is truly a neighborhood that welcomes everybody and everyone.

You can find exquisite rental rooms in Chicago to enjoy the classic historical features this place offers.

Magnificent Mile

Located on Chicago’s Near North Side, Magnificent Mile is an upscale neighborhood and boulevard that stretches from the Chicago River to Oak Street. The area, sometimes known as a district, is located close to downtown and attracts tourists and locals.

In addition to commercial, residential, cultural, and tourist attractions, Magnificent Mile is home to a diverse collection of department stores, luxury retailers, restaurants, residential and commercial structures, world-class hotels, and historic architecture. Some of the world’s highest structures, such as 875 North Michigan Avenue and 900 North Michigan Avenue, are located right in this neighborhood.


Lake View is considered to be one of the nicest neighborhoods in Chicago to live in. As the name implies, this area is situated directly adjacent to Lake Michigan. It doesn’t matter that the cost of living in the city is among the highest in the country—you can make a living here. In addition to having a diverse range of houses for rent in Chicago within affordable pricing, it is a highly sought-after neighborhood for young professionals. The neighborhood is a terrific spot to live if you seek the city’s hottest clubs, packed with plenty of sparkles and live drag queen acts. Overall, this diversified urban hamlet is the ideal place to live for those who desire the finest of everything.


It’s not just because of the high income and lovely homes that residents in Beverly have one of the best qualities of life in town; they just do. Beverly neighborhood’s houses date back several decades, and many of them are situated on wide lots with mature trees. Because it’s one of the few steep areas left in the city, this part of town is also tranquil and isolated. Overall, if you’re tired from a long day of work in the city and want a family-friendly hotel, this is an excellent choice. If you find the cost of living in Beverly exceeding your budget, you can opt for rental rooms in Chicago.

Oak Park

With a population of roughly fifty-two thousand, Oak Park is a prominent Chicago suburb on the West Side. This community neighborhood has a thriving art culture, and many of the local attractions are centered on the creative industries. The relaxed community and vibrant social scene attract young professionals to this place. It is also well-liked by young families because of the excellent local schools, parks, and recreational opportunities. The job market is fair, and the population is diversified. The drawbacks to residing in this area are the high crime rate and high expense of living. Many people share their apartments with roommates; therefore, you can find a roommate in Chicago to share your bills with.

Buffalo Grove

Buffalo Grove, which has a population of roughly 42,000, is one of the area’s more populous suburbs. It’s in Lake County and is one of the best places to live in Chicago. This region has great housing, schools, diversity, and is excellent for families. The only drawback is the expensive expense of living. Considering all the advantages, you can look for rooms for rent in Chicago in this neighborhood. On the bright side, there are lots of fun things to do here. Commute times, career prospects, and safety- are all considered excellent in this area.

North Center

With good schools and one of the city’s top high school graduation rates, this area may appear ideal for raising a family. However, if you’re single or don’t have children, it’s a terrific place to call home. To make things affordable, you can also easily find a roommate in Chicago to live with you in the North Center area. There are numerous businesses, restaurants, and pubs for adults only, including Half Acre Beer Company and the Globe Pub, a sports bar with patrons from all over the world who come to watch the game. Ribfest Chicago, a summer street celebration centered on ribs, is also held in the city.

The city of Chicago boasts many distinct neighborhoods, each with its own set of history, cultural attractions, and amenities to offer. Besides a host of premium academic institutions and career opportunities, it also offers the perfect environment to start new businesses. If you want to relocate to Chicago or just want to explore a new neighborhood, you will find plenty of options to choose from and settle down here. If you are unsure of where to start, there are plenty of exciting and affordable Chicago listings to browse through.

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