The 3 Best Ways To Get Your Vet Bills Under Control

The 3 Best Ways To Get Your Vet Bills Under Control

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Owning a pet can be very expensive. There are all the accessories you need like leashes and beds. Then you have to feed them special food that can cost quite a bit. The most obvious expense is related to their health. You’ll be paying for prescriptions and especially high vet bills.

Getting the vet bills under control will help you get your finances back into a manageable range. Otherwise, your dog will continue to be a major expense, especially as they get older. In this article, we will go over how to reduce your vet bills and save hundreds per year.

1 – Get pet insurance

Paying a monthly or yearly fee to save money sounds counterintuitive. Yet, having pet insurance will save you money multiple times over since it will help cover your unexpected vet bills.

Every dog owner has experienced either a sudden illness that sent them to the vet and then gotten an astronomical bill. Likewise, they have experienced their dog doing something unwise and getting injured that has also sent them to the vet unexpectedly.

When you have insurance, even low-cost pet insurance, you will see some significant savings when these events happen. Depending on the policy and your chosen coverage, you can also save money on prescriptions and routine visits.

2 – Be proactive

Doing things to prevent illness and accidents is going to be your best medicine. Although an accident by its nature is something that can happen at any time and can’t be predicted, you can be doing things to avoid the factors that usually cause them.

For instance, if there is an aggressive dog that is often at the dog park, then avoid going during those times when they are there. You can also make sure that your yard is totally secure so your dog won’t get out and risk getting hit by a car or getting into some other trouble.

By giving your dog the proper food and making sure they get enough exercise you can manage to avoid many common ailments.

3 – Shop around

All vets are expensive but that doesn’t mean that they all charge the same prices for the same services. Since it is a private practice there are factors that go into the prices that are unique to them. This means that some people will have to charge more than others. If one vet has low overhead costs then there will likely be some savings passed on to their customers.

All this means is that you need to shop around before committing to a vet. Call around for quotes if it isn’t an urgent matter and find the one with the lowest price. You may even have to forgo any loyalty to one particular vet and just always shop for the best price for whichever service you need to be provided.

You should also ask if there are any discounts depending on your ability to pay. If you are low-income then it may be possible to save some money that way.

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