Bicycle Safety Tips For Children

Bicycle Safety Tips

Last Updated on November 18, 2023 by Asfa Rasheed

Learning to ride a bicycle is one of the most significant and exciting parts of growing up and raising a child. Children love to ride their cycles around the neighborhood, play with their friends, and, most importantly, ride to school. There is nothing more fun than picking up your bike and riding to school with your best buddies. However, if you do not teach your child the safe ways to ride, they could get into an accident and injure themselves. Also, if they are not careful on the road, they could get hit by a vehicle. If your child was injured in a road accident, you must be devastated. Call a Vermont personal injury lawyer today to understand your case. Meanwhile, here are some bicycle safety tips. 

Bicycle safety tips for children 

  1. Understand the importance of helmets. 

Just as wearing helmets while riding a motorbike and wearing seatbelts while driving a car is important, helmets are crucial for children riding their bicycles as well. Even though a bicycle is usually considered safer than most other motor vehicles, it can still get into an unexpected accident. In the event of an accident, a helmet protects the head and skull of your child from a terrible traumatic brain injury. 

  1. Check the bike for proper maintenance. 

Just because it is a children’s bicycle, that does not mean it does not require proper maintenance. You should regularly check the tires, the braking systems, and the chains. An important component to check is the height of the seat, which is important for the child’s feet to reach the pedals and operate the bike smoothly. If your child has an older bike, make sure to oil the areas that have rusted. 

  1. Teach your child to avoid distractions while riding. 

Avoiding distractions is crucial any time someone is using the road, be it a child with a small bicycle or a full-grown man with a motorbike. Your child could get severely injured if they turn their head to look at something else, even for a few seconds. Teach your child to not wear earphones and listen to loud music while riding as it takes their mind and ears away from the road. 

  1. Teach your child to ride in the right area. 

In some places, there are dedicated bicycle lanes. However, if there are none where you live, teach your child to avoid venturing out on heavy-traffic roads. Choose a suitable trail for your child to ride when going to school and teach them the route. If your child is just beginning to ride, do not let them ride outside without supervision.

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