Tips to decide the right bicycle bag content

Bicycle bag content

Last Updated on January 20, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

Obviously you know what the bicycle bag will be utilized for, however where does everything fit? We have recorded the most well-known sizes for you, so you can decide for yourself which bicycle bag content you need.  

1. Under 20 liters  

A bicycle bag (you) of under 20 liters is mostly expected for tiny things. It might in any case fit a small PC, however generally you need to think about the size of a somewhat bigger satchel. So you can store phones, little food and drink things, make-up, a book and things like that. It’s in reality more elegant than truly pragmatic for enormous things. Since the vast majority will need to move somewhat more than these things. Also, on the off chance that you begin to join things, you will rapidly see that there is a deficiency of room … so remember this when buying a bicycle bag. Be that as it may, then again, it is barely enough for any individual who takes not many things with them, yet at the same time prefers to place them in a bicycle bag. They look overall quite charming, and in light of the fact that they are so little you scarcely notice them when they are holding tight your bicycle.  

2. 20 – 30 liters  

A pannier volume of somewhere in the range of 20 and 30 liters is really the most well-known size (for a solitary pannier), since it is barely enough for every day by day thing. You can store a PC, books, garments, food, links, phones, shoes, food and drinks and different things in it. The vast majority will likely search for a bicycle bag in this class, since they are regularly not very large all that actually fits. We have along these lines decided on a size limit of 25 liters with our single bicycle bag. What’s more, consider this the alleged “perfect balance” (that ideal harmony between what you can place in it and with which it doesn’t turn out to be too enormous). Obviously everything needs to fit, yet additionally look overall quite minimized. You frequently see that this is the place where the Fietstassen dubbel start and they are easy to use when mounting to the bicycle. You can easily pick up our bicycle bag and convert it into backpack like Rains rugzak or shoulder bag. We have additionally planned an interesting model to bring to offer consumers much more functions and safety compared to the competition.  

3. 30 – 40 liters  

At 30 – 40 liters of bicycle bag content, you currently go to the twofold bicycle bags. They become too huge to even think about making a solitary pannier out of it. It would imply that they become extremely cumbersome and your bicycle will turn out to be excessively uneven with something over the top (weighty) stuff in it. You can really consider this to be a section level model under the twofold panniers, since they actually look minuscule per two. You can store sufficient things per bag (contingent upon the substance) in the two panniers.  

4. 40 – 50 liters  

On the off chance that you go for 40 – 50 liter twofold panniers, you are presumably somebody who regularly does shopping by bicycle. You can store a great deal in it, and is along these lines likewise great for week by week stocks. What’s more, you can likewise utilize them for a decent shopping meeting, for instance when you will purchase new garments. When shopping, ensure that you circulate the weight accurately. This keeps your bicycle in balance somewhat better and you don’t inadvertently take a left or right turn. As a general rule, the panniers are especially reasonable, and they are very enormous folks that hold tight your bicycle. In case they are likewise just utilized for this that is obviously not an issue. You can also utilize our Boodschappentas for shopping. 

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