Start Cycling with Your Friends & Get Fit in 3 Months

Start Cycling with Your Friends & Get Fit in 3 Months

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Were you planning on buying a bicycle and starting cycling every day? You had imagined yourself going on long trips, early in the morning, complete with the outfits and cycling gear. But then CoVID came out all of a sudden and your dreams took a back step. Now that the pandemic has almost passed away, you are sceptical as to whether you can buy a bike or to continue running on your treadmill.

If you are the person that likes to explore places all the while working out seriously, Vingo is the right app for you. Download Vingo on your phone, tablet or any smart device and get ready to enter the brand-new virtual world of fitness. Vingo is an Indoor cycling app you can connect with your exercise cycles and monitor yourself as you work-out.

Enabled with smart input through sensors, Vingo will continuously assess your progress and set progressive goals for you every day. If you love working out with friends, you will love this app. Here are some cool features that come with the app.

Adventures in the App

Vingo is preloaded with hundreds of detailed locations which you can explore as you cycle or run on your treadmill. You can also create an avatar for yourself with your selfie and become part of the virtual world.

With new places to explore, you can also modify the difficulty settings and make your cycling trips more serious. Or, you can also have fun on your cheat days by taking a slow ride on a picturesque spot. Connect your Bluetooth and ANT+ sensors in your bike and talk to Vingo about your goals and progress. You can also connect with people who like to work-out like you.

Comes with Social Connectivity

Vingo is more than an Indoor cycling app in terms of social connectivity. It is more like a social media platform where people get fit. You can create your own community or join one, in the app. The communities will help you learn more about fitness mantras people follow across the world. It will help you learn about your own progress and also assist you in improving yourself.

If you are in for serious fitness, you can create a community of followers who will constantly encourage you by competing with you. Ask your friends to join you on your adventures in the app, at the comfort of everyone’s homes. In no time at all, all of you will get fit.

Get the Full Vingo Experience

There are three ways to enjoy Vingo starting with a simple cycle, even without sensors. You can manually change the speed on the app and let it do the rest. It will adjust the visuals for the speeds as you see them in real-time. If you have a speed sensor or a cadence, connect it with Vingo and let it know your real speed automatically! Or if you have a sensor enabled cycle, you can enjoy cool features like, automatic grade or incline based on the route, make your avatar move at your speed, and the complete set of features Vingo has to offer.

Vingo is the best app for online cycling. The place where you can explore the world right from where you exercise.

If you are facing problems of obesity, hypertension and other obesity related issues, then it is important to provide urgent care in this matter. Even these threatening diseases can be countered with continuous and consistent exercise. Vingo helps in this and makes you fit in 3 months.

So, what are you waiting for? Install it now and get fit the fun way!

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