Buying Air Mattress For Hospital Bed? 5 Things You Should Know

Buying Air Mattress For Hospital Bed? 5 Things You Should Know

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Pressure wounds and bedsores are common in patients who lack mobility and tend to spend several hours a day on their beds. However, these aren’t the only two problems faced by these people. Prolonged duration in bed can cause several such issues. This is where a air mattress for hospital bed comes to their rescue. The technology is designed specifically for such patients who can’t move much so that they can avoid all the skin and body trouble. Plus, it helps in providing a better surface for sleeping to them.

To pick the correct air mattresses for the hospital beds, you first need to know these five points. These will help you avoid any mistake and waste your money.

#1 Comfort Of The Mattress

The very first purpose of buying these types of mattresses is to provide additional comfort to the patient. If the bed fails in this aspect, your entire investment will go waste. But it is crucial to understand that not all air mattresses offer the same level of comfort. That is why you need to pick an alternative that provides the most excellent support. High-quality and sturdy edges are the two things you can check here. These two factors offer the most assistance.

#2 Features

Different hospital bed air mattresses offer various features. While some cheaper alternatives may look right, they don’t come with low air-loss technology. On the other hand, a few options can provide you with a pressure altering pump that can be used for patients that have low mobility even on the bed. You need to choose the mattress that has the most fitting features as per your individual needs.

#3 Don’t Forget Zippered Mattress Covers

Some of the manufacturers offer antimicrobial and antibacterial mattress materials. But this doesn’t mean you can avoid covering the beds. Zippered mattress covers provide you with various benefits like security against stains and keeping the mattress secured. Therefore, you need to pick a suitable cover for your bed for proper protection.

#4 Maintenance

While the maintenance can be reduced with a zippered mattress cover, it can’t be avoided entirely. To make your work a little more convenient, you need to opt for mattresses that include waterproof and stain resistance features. This ensures that the bed won’t get ruined in case the patient ends up spilling something on it by accident. In short words, it can also be said that a high-quality mattress shouldn’t demand cleaning every now and then. 

#5 Budget-Friendly

When it comes to taking care of yourself or a loved one, you won’t think much of budget or money-related factors. However, it is crucial to keep it in mind at the time or purchasing a hospital bed air mattress. Remember, a high price doesn’t guarantee great quality. So your primary objective should be to pick a reliable and trusted mattress that solves your purpose. Once you get all the alternatives shortlisted, you can see which one fits best in your budget. This way, you won’t end up spending too much on the mattress itself.

By considering these five factors while buying an air mattress for a hospital bed, you can ensure that you choose the most suitable variant.

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