Can You Reduce IVF Treatment Cost in Jodhpur? Here is Everything You Need to Know

Can You Reduce IVF Treatment Cost in Jodhpur? Here is Everything You Need to Know

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Infertility Rates amongst the couples have risen suddenly at an alarming rate, affecting everyone out of six couples in India. Finding a solution to this infertility wave in Jodhpur was a serious concern, increasing the demands and popularity of IVF treatments.

IVF treatment in India is emerging rapidly, but still, most couples are not fully aware of the facts and realities of IVF. People normally confuse this IVF procedure with an expensive affair, linking this as an infertility treatment with test-tube babies as the solution. Therefore, this has created a buzz about the expenses of IVF treatment, with people often confusing the same as the most expensive solution. But IVF is a lot more than what you think. This treatment has various aspects related to medications, injections, and pricing. Costs for IVF treatment in Jodhpur vary in all its centres, making this an essential factor to consider before making the final decisions. A team of experienced and well-organized doctors will handle any situation smoothly compared to new practitioners, thereby making the selection of IVF centers a crucial element.

Aastha Fertility Center in Jodhpur provides a wide range of infertility treatments, assisting all their patients with the best and experienced panel of experts for positive results. The centre is well-recognized for its treatment and services, delivering the highest IVF success rates in Jodhpur at the most affordable costs.

What Is In-Vitro Fertilization?

 Advancements in infertility treatments and medical technology have covered a long way, delivering miraculous results with the wonders in the lives of childless couples trying to conceive for a longer time.

IVF or In-Vitro Fertilization refers to the process when female eggs are combined with partner’s or donor’s sperm. The procedure is performed outside the body, preferably in the medical labs. This treatment demands proper observation and monitoring, to be wholly conducted under the supervision and help of doctors to get the best results.

The whole process will undergo in a medical laboratory until the embryo comes out. Once it hatches, the embryo is transferred into the woman’s ovary. This procedure is a roller coaster ride full of emotional and stressful disbalance, demanding constant and positive expert support.

The penetration of the IVF market in India is relatively low, facing the key challenges related to lack of awareness, accessibility, and affordability.

Factors To Be Considered to Get Affordable IVF Treatment in Jodhpur

If you’re facing the infertility issue and looking out for IVF treatment, then the cost factors have a big influence on your decision. Couples might end up spending lakhs without getting 100% surety of success. 

Even after all the technical and medical advancements, there is still no complete guarantee of the success of these procedures, sometimes even after taking all three cycles and exhausting all your fixed budget or savings. 

Patients obviously cannot do anything for the success, but indeed can reduce the IVF treatments cost. Consider the below-mentioned factors for the best affordable quotes.

Look for the Right Doctor:

The best way to maximize your success rate and reduce the IVF cost is to look out for the best doctors or centers. Do not just trust the mentioned claims and written numbers, as these can easily be manipulated.

Always personally visit the center and doctor, ask for their annual reports, certifications and experiences. Also, inquire about all the available treatments and ask for the success rate chances and medications to avoid future confusion.

Health Insurance:

Fertility treatments are usually not covered under all the medi-claims and insurance schemes. But, if you are suffering from any previous condition related to polycystic, endometriosis, ovarian disease, or any other related causes of infertility, then the same will be covered under the scheme.

If you still cannot get the compensation under your insurance scheme, look out for the employee benefits offered by the company. This will help you save the extra taxes for medical uses and bills not covered under the scheme.

Consult your General Practitioner  

Always first consult with your general practitioner before finalizing the treatment. They surely cannot perform the procedure but know your body’s internal health very well. They will help with necessary tests, revealing which treatment and procedure are best for you in order to minimize the costs for additional tests.

Egg Sharing Program:

 Some of the hospitals have an option for an egg-sharing program. Under this, patients donate their remaining eggs to help other people. This can help save extra high costs on medications and hormonal injections required for IVF. 

Also, if the donor has conceived from the eggs, this increases the success chances of the treatment for others. Embryo adoption is also given as an option by some centers where the patients can save all their costs related to fertilization and egg harvesting.

IVF Tourism:  

Different centers and different cities offer different IVF costs. Traveling for IVF might sound daunting for the first time, but a little expense on travelling and looking for the best affordable centers can help you save a lot of costs from your treatment.

Also, lower prices always do not mean a compromise in quality. This, therefore, refers to the lower healthcare costs that might help you find the best doctor and facility.

Other than all these pointers, always ensure to go for an experienced practitioner or doctor, as they will handle complex cases more smoothly than other newbies. Also, look for the one who better understands your language and emotions as it will become easy to connect and share with them, thereby helping with reduced emotional pressures. 

Aastha Fertility Center is the best IVF center in Jodhpur, offering a wide range of infertility treatments and having the best-experienced team of doctors, offering an increased rate of success.


When it comes to selecting the right IVF Center, these factors mentioned above will help you make an affordable decision, saving your extra time, efforts, and costs in the wrong or undesired procedures. In addition, doctors’ experience plays a vital role in the final selection, demanding proper research to get a world-class facility.

Aastha Fertility Center has a team of top-notch doctors, professionals, and embryologists that will assist you to their best throughout the procedure. The centre has delivered positive results for over 15 years, recording the highest IVF success rates under their name.

Book your Online Consultation now to know the exact details for your infertility treatment.


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