Choosing The Perfect Tennis Ball Machine


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As a beginner, the tennis ball machines are considered to be the fastest and most effective way for enhancing your skills in the game. This removes the dependency of having a player or a coach practice your game.

When you look at the tennis machines available today then you will find a range of products with varying features. The need is to pick one that meets your style of game, your needs, and your budget as well.

Things to consider when buying a tennis ball machine

When it comes to buying a tennis machine then it is imperative to understand its features and then subsequently, evaluate them. The following are some of the primary features of the tennis machine which and evaluating each one of them would help you in taking the pivotal decision with confidence:

Ball Capacity

This is the capacity which determines that how many balls the machine could take at a time. In other words, it means that how many balls you could play out of this machine before re-filling it back again. The usual capacity range for different machines could be between 50 to 300 balls.

 However, the one with 50 or 100 ball capacity is good enough for beginners. You may consider the Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machineto offer you such capacity along with a range of other productive features at an affordable cost.

Feed Rate

This is a very crucial feature that you need to check in a tennis ball machine. The feed rate determines the time or the interval you may have between the shots. This needs to be variable which you could set as per your expertise in the game and the needs at any specific time.

 The advanced players need to have a quicker feed rate. On the other hand, beginners prefer to have a slower feed rate to tackle the thrown balls at their convenience.

Therefore, it is important to have a machine that offers multiple intervals in a different range of seconds to make it compatible with your needs at any given time. Typically, the feed range offered in the tennis machine is between 1 to 12 seconds.

Speed and Spin

Speed is the measure of how fast a tennis ball machine could feed every tennis ball thrown at you. The higher speed is desirable by the advanced players in such a way that it could simulate the actual match play. It is good to have variable speed so that the beginners could maximize this feature as per their game skill level.

On the other hand, spin simply refers to the spin which the thrown ball from the machine could offer. To develop your game using a tennis ball machine, you need to have one which offers you topspin and slice shots both.


There are two types of oscillations that a tennis ball machine could offer, which are horizontal and vertical. Horizontal oscillation is the tenability of the subject equipment to feed balls on either side of the tennis could.

Vertical oscillation on the other hand refers to the height of the pitched ball. However, these features are offered in advanced machines only and you might not find them in basic tennis machines for beginners. 

Custom Drills

The best tennis ball machines even for beginners come with custom drill options. It will just be like having a physical coach training you. You can use such features to program the machine to offer you a combination of shots.


The tennis ball machines are a must these days in developing your skills in the game with no human dependency. It is a machine which the professional players also use for their practicing. The modern machinery today is much advanced with a lot of special features.

 You can set up these machines at different speeds along with the oscillation, spin, and custom drills setting. The feed rate and capacity are two other important factors to consider when buying such machines.