6 Common Mosquito Control Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

6 Common Mosquito Control Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
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Is your home full of mosquitos as soon as the warm weather hits? Are you always covered in bites? 6 Common Mosquito Control Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

While genetics account for 85 percent of our attractiveness to mosquitos, even the mosquito magnets among you can take steps to avoid being bitten alive all the time. But, that means you’ll need to stop making some of the most common mosquito control mistakes.

From failing to act quickly to relying on ineffective repellents, read on to find out some of the biggest mosquito prevention strategy errors.

1. Ignoring the Signs

Many people think that mosquitos are a seasonal problem or that they’ll go away on their own. But hot and humid environments can mean mosquitos plague you and your home for most of the year. What’s more, the problem will only get worse over time unless you do something about it.

Consulting a mosquito control service can help you identify problematic areas around your property. Or, if you want to tackle the issue yourself, invest in a mosquito fogger machine for the ultimate in mosquito control equipment.

2. Waiting Until the Season Starts

Another key error is waiting until “mosquito season” starts before tackling the issue. Waiting until mosquitoes hatch or emerge from hibernation means you’ll be fighting a losing battle. To get ahead of the situation, you’ll need to remove mosquitos from their hibernation and breeding grounds before they become a nuisance.

3. Opening Windows in the Evening

Many people make the mistake of opening their windows as soon as the sun starts to go down. Direct sunlight can dehydrate and kill mosquitos so dusk is prime hunting time for these pesky pests. This makes your open windows an open invitation for them to enter. So, while you can pull your blinds up, try to avoid opening your windows unless you have mosquito screens installed.

4. Forgetting to Use Fans

One of the simplest ways to keep mosquitos at bay is to use fans in and around your home. As well as keeping you cool, fans throw mosquitos off your scent and disrupt their flight path.

5. Relying on Citronella

If you’re not a fan of DEET for preventing mosquito bites, don’t make the mistake of thinking that citronella is an effective alternative. Instead, try products that contain natural repellents such as lemon eucalyptus, lavender, or cinnamon oil.

6. Using Temporary Solutions

While repellents and fans can help in the short term, the best mosquito prevention strategy is one that includes both permanent and temporary solutions. This means understanding what attracts mosquitos as well as what repels them and using this information to your advantage.

For example, although mosquitos love lush gardens with plenty of shade, installing mosquito screens on your windows can stop them coming inside. You could also try planting natural repellents outside, such as lavender, catnip, and rosemary to keep them at bay.

Avoiding Mosquito Control Mistakes

How many of these mosquito control mistakes have you made?

Luckily, with this list to guide you, it’ll be a whole lot easier to establish an effective mosquito prevention strategy in the future.

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