These are the Common Queries about Shockwave Physiotherapy Edmonton

These are the Common Queries about Shockwave Physiotherapy Edmonton

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Shockwave therapy is a treatment that started in the 1990s, and still significantly less is known about it. But as research is done, people learn more about this therapy and opt for it for their health and betterment. 

Common Queries about Physiotherapy Edmonton

As very little is known about this therapy, people ask many questions about shockwave therapy when visiting Physiotherapy Edmonton. Following are the most basic and standard of all questions that patients ask a therapist:

1- Is Shockwave Therapy used for Urology Purposes only?

In the beginning, when this therapy was introduced, it was only used for urology purposes. However, in the next few decades, shockwave therapy Edmonton increased in its importance and came out as the best treatment for tissues and muscles of the body.

2- What are the Benefits of Shockwave Therapy?

Expert physiotherapy has several benefits: pain relief is speedy, mobility of muscles is restored, no surgery involved, no medicines needed, and less infection risk.

3- Is this Treatment Safe for Everyone?

It is the safest known therapy that is a part of several clinics. The therapist will take a complete medical history of the patient before doing a physical examination. It is done to know about any severe medical conditions.

4- When can the Treatment Results be Seen?

Many patients have reported to their therapists at physiotherapy clinics Edmonton like; Regenerate Shockwave Therapy, that they feel development in their condition after the first session. However, others take a week to start getting better. It is because of the difference in their body chemistry. It all depends on each person’s body time and recovery capabilities. 

5- Do Physio Clinics have all the Required Equipment?

Yes, the physiotherapy clinics Edmonton have all the essential equipment that is needed for shockwave therapy. However, before actually booking the appointment, you should make visits to know about the availability of the equipment in the clinic.

6- Does Insurance Cover the Shockwave Therapy Cost?

You have to confirm this matter with the pain clinic Edmonton because not all of them provide this facility. Moreover, the payments can be partially paid by the insurance company. Discussing it in the initial visit will be best, and it will give you a clear picture. 

7- What are the Payment Methods?

The payment methods also have to be decided in the beginning because any alterations in the past or on the spot create severe problems for you as well as the clinic. All clinics have their preferred payment methods, so it is better that you clarify it in the initial visits.

8- Can Normal Exercise be Continued during the Physio Sessions?

Yes, as shockwave therapy is just sending sound waves to the affected body parts, there is no implication of any after-treatment recovery. You can continue with your exercise without any interludes.

9- Can we Combine other Treatments with it?

If the pain is not reduced with just the shockwave therapy, additional exercises and other forms of physio Edmonton can be combined to make the treatment more effective.

10-  Is there a Difference between Shockwave Therapy and Shock Therapy?

There is a significant confusion that has spread about these two. Just the word shock is in both terms, but the ways of treatment are different. Both treatments differ in their execution and result. Therefore, you should never confuse the two.

11- Is there any Alternate to Shockwave Therapy Edmonton?

Although there are many therapies, there is no alternative for shockwave therapy at Physiotherapy Edmonton. Because of the excellent advantages that this therapy gives, no other treatment even comes near to it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1- What is Shockwave?

Shockwave Therapy is a non-invasive physiotherapy treatment, which passes low-energy sound waves to injured tissue via a gel medium. The acoustic waves are forced into the body through solid pulses that enter injured tissue and spur the body’s cells accountable for connective tissue healing.

2- Which Conditions can Shockwave Therapy treat?

Shockwave highly fits for chronic tendinopathies greater than 6 weeks that have not responded to other treatments. These include rotator cuff, tennis elbow, plantar faciitis, jumpers’ knee, and calcific shoulder tendonitis. Carpel tunnel and stubborn trigger points in muscles are also efficiently treated with shockwaves.

3- Who can not receive Shockwave Treatment?

People with circulation or nerve disorder, infection, bone tumor, or metabolic bone condition are susceptible to any waves. Therefore, they are not the best candidate for shockwave therapy and should opt for other treatments that suit their condition.


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