A Complete Guide to the Different Types of Astrology

A Complete Guide to the Different Types of Astrology

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Did you know that the first known instance of astrology is Babylonian astrology? And we are talking as long as 2nd Millenium BC long ago! So human fascination with the stars and how they may relate to our lives has been around a long time.

But there are several types of astrology to learn about. We’d like to explore some of the different types in this short post. We’ll cover all the key astrological beliefs, however, so sit back, relax, and read on.

Feng Shui Astrology

We’ll start off with a lesser-known type of astrology called Feng Shui astrology. It is a combination of mathematics, Chinese astrology, and Chi. People use these practices together to better understand the universe around them.

Also, there are twelve zodiac signs within the Chinese zodiac. Each sign is represented by a single animal, whether mythical or real. An example of one of these signs is the Rat, who is thought to have high intellectual capacity and lots of self-motivation.

Another important concept in feng shui is the Five Elements. These elements are water, fire, earth, wood, and metal. 

The Zodiacs

We should say that when learning astrology, you’ll soon find out that each type makes use of 12 zodiacs. The reason for this is that astrology tracks the movement of the earth orbiting the sun.

And since it takes roughly twelve months to orbit the sun, there are twelve zodiacs.

Natal Astrology

Many of us in the west will know about natal astrology. The word natal relates to your birth, and so this astrology is about your birthday and natal chart.

What’s a natal chart? It’s a chart that shows the entire course of your life in this form of astrology. You can see as a forecast of what to expect in your life. It may also show some of your weaknesses strengths and overall personality traits.

Medical Astrology

Medical astrology is interesting in how it links the zodiac signs to parts of the body. For instance, the zodiac sign Aries is linked to your head from your nose upward.

Sagittarius relates to the thighs, sciatic nerve, and liver, while we link Scorpio to our reproductive organs. Leo is all about the heart and the back. Aquarius deals with the lower legs.

Electional Astrology

The final astrology we shall look at is electional astrology. This concerns itself with the determination of good times to do things. So astrologers in this form of astrology will attempt to predict the best time for you to do something by looking at your astrological chart.

As you can imagine, many people go for astrology advice and ask when they should get married, propose to their partner, or even about things large major business deals.

Types of Astrology Explained

We’ve now run through some of the main types of astrology that exist today. We especially find the Feng Sui astrology mindset and encourage anyone to research this further.

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