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Last Updated on February 13, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Hospitality businesses do their branding using key holders and door hangers. You must have seen them when you went to hotels.

The printing materials for a door hangers will generally have phrases like do not disturb, or members area or other things printed on them.

But they will also have the brand or the logo imprinted on it to showcase their brand and showcase their ethics in front of the customers.

When you talk about a key card holder these are specially made door card pouches or folders that can be used for storing the keycards.

This also acts as a branding material for hotels and spas around the world.  Check out the best printing for door hangers and key card holders and choose from the best designs at affordable prices at VC Print.

Use door keycard holders as a perfect marketing tool for your hospitality business

Of course, the door card holders are made for a purpose of protection too. They prevent scratches to form on the magnetic stripe on the card.

But that is not the main reason for printing these key cardholders.

The main reason is of course to showcase the brand and luxury or the status of the brand in the eyes of the customer in every way possible.

This is why you will see the key cardholders to be printed with the hotel or spa logo, the hotel name and the tagline, and some other marketing information such as phone number, email id, etc.

Show off your market and brand value to your customers

As we already told you above that the keycard pouches are only used as branding and marketing material to highlight the brand name as much to the customer as possible. 

In a sense, all this is done to make an influence in our minds to choose the brand name or that hotel or spa each time we visit the same place.

Get more add-up sales through key cardholders

Sometimes you will see that a key card holder might have other things printed below the logo and the brand name.

This can include a map of the hotel, or many other things like beverages present at their local bar and pubs, tourist itinerary programs, car hire services, latest offers on their in house restaurant or include some rare varieties of collectible souvenirs from their souvenir collection center within the spa or hotel premises.

All these are done to show off the customer that this is an all-round hotel providing every service to their guests and also getting more sales from the guests during their stay at the hotel.

Printing a range of door hangers will help customers to gain brand awareness

Now coming to a door hanger which you must have seen hanging to the door locks in hotels, offices, restaurants, spas, and bars.

Even door hanger printing can be a piece of marketing information for your brand. Hotel chains and restaurants will leave no stone unturned to showcase their brand value, luxury, or high standard of services to their customers even when it comes to small things such as a door hanger.

What do you need to keep in mind during printing such materials?

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when you are going to choose a company for printing such stationary items. These are-

Printing should be of the highest quality

The door hanger printing should preferably be of high quality such that the designs, graphics, and of course the fonts are legible and more so to make an impact in the minds of the customer.

For printing the best quality stationery of such kinds you can choose VC Print.

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