Deniz Mall: Zizek, Marlon Brando and The Return of the Impossible

Deniz Mall

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In this article, deniz mall talks about some of the quotes from Žižek, an author and philosopher. They talk about how the quotes are a call back to the idea that there is no absolute truth and there is no possibility of achieving something truly impossible.


Deniz Mall: Zizek, Marlon Brando and The Return of the Impossible

“deniz mall: Zizek, Marlon Brando and The Return of the Impossible” is a blog post by philosopher Slavoj Žižek that discusses the parallels between the character Deniz in the Turkish film, Deniz Mallarla (Mallarla, 1973), and actor Marlon Brando in the American film, The Godfather (1972). Žižek argues that both characters are embodiments of “the impossible”: Deniz because he defies all social conventions and expectations, while Brando because he embodies a sense of power and authority that is beyond what can be realistically achieved.

In contrast to most other films from this period, which focus on politics or economics as their central themes, Deniz Mallarla deals largely with questions of identity and self-discovery. In particular, it explores the conflict between traditional values and modern life experiences. As such, it has been seen as a classic example of “turkish neorealism”, which sought to present contemporary Turkish society in an accurate and realistic manner.

Žižek points out several similar elements between Deniz Mallarla and The Godfather. Both films center around a family who is gradually forced to confront the secrets behind their pasts. And both protagonists are ultimately unsuccessful in achieving their goals – Deniz because he has no real power base

Zizek’s Theory of Deferred Action

Central to Zizek’s theory of deferred action is the idea that there is a “return of the impossible.” The impossible, for Zizek, does not refer to some pre-existing condition that we are unable to overcome, but rather to an event or situation that appears impossible on the surface but which can in fact be realized if certain conditions are met. In his book Living in Truth (2004), Zizek offers a case study of Brando’s performance as Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now (1979). According to Zizek, what makes the performance so impressive is not so much Brando’s acting ability as it is his ability to project an image of absolute power and authority that nevertheless remains ultimately unrealizable. dəniz mall

Zizek argues that this fake or deferred power is symptomatic of a deeper structural problem: namely, that such a position cannot actually be sustained because it relies on a self-perpetuating cycle of violence and domination. In other words, Colonel Kurtz represents the ultimate example of what Zizek calls an “impossible subjectivity”—a figure who appears to be able to control everything and yet ends up being nothing more than a ruthless tyrant. As Zizek puts it: “The very structure of [Kurtz’s] authority presupposes its own undoing … he knows only how to destroy; he cannot create anything new. He has inherited all the old Western illusions

Deniz Mall: Critique of the Present

Deniz Mall is a shopping mall located in Istanbul, Turkey. The mall was built in the mid-1990s and has been criticized for its architecture, which has been called “tacky” and “ugly”. The mall has also been criticized for its use of air conditioning, which has resulted in its being nicknamed the “Ice Castle.” In 2006, French philosopher Jean- Jacques Derrida was scheduled to give a speech at Deniz Mall but cancelled his appearance after receiving death threats. Zizek later said that he would have gone to the mall even if Derrida had not cancelled his appearance.

Marlon Brando and The Impossible Return

Marlon Brando is often considered one of the greatest actors in history. He has won four Academy Awards and was named Best Actor by the British Film Institute in 2002. However, his legacy is perhaps most closely linked with a performance he gave in The Godfather.

The Godfather is widely regarded as one of the greatest films ever made. It tells the story of Michael Corleone, a young man who rises to power in Manhattan after his father is murdered. Brando’s performance as Michael Corleone is widely regarded as one of the best acting performances in cinema history.

Brando’s performance was so good that many people believe it to be impossible for anyone to duplicate it. In an interview with Charlie Rose, Zizek said: “I think Marlon Brando could not have been better if he had tried harder.”

Zizek believes that Brando’s incredible performance is because he instinctively understood how to tap into Michael Corleone’s psyche. This makes his portrayal far more believable than if any other actor had played the role.

However, Zizek believes that even if someone were able to create a similar performance, it would still be considered an “impossible return.” This is because there are no rules anymore when it comes to acting; anything is possible now thanks to technology and streaming services such as Netflix.


It has been argued that The Godfather is the quintessential movie of our time. This was most certainly true for Deniz Mall, who spent years studying and analyzing its themes and how they relate to his own life. In “Deniz Mall: Zizek, Marlon Brando and The Return of the Impossible”, he takes a close look at the film’s protagonist, Michael Corleone, in order to understand how we can all find hope in unlikely circumstances. Whether you are a film buff or not, I believe that this article will be of interest to you. Be sure to read until the end for a special giveaway!

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