Success Story of Branzio Watches Founder Ronnie Teja


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All big businesses take start from small, there is no deviltry existing to put anyone on top without having hard work and struggle. Ronnie Teja is a successful entrepreneur and a proud founder of Branzio Watches. He is a man who starts his career from the very basic steps and reached the appreciated position. Ronnie’s life just revolves around consistency and commitment, he always promises these two things to himself. In the list of Ronnie Teja disappointment and discouragement are just words, he always gets encouraged when gets the fragrance of his destination.

Ronnie Teja- Introduction

Ronnie Teja is a renowned serial entrepreneur, digital marketing expert, public speaker, and owner of Branzio Watches. Ronnie knows the success formula of growing and starting a business in numerous industries and being a successful entrepreneur. He is holding the ownership of many e-commerce websites with a highly talented worldwide team. 

Ronnie starts his career just believing in himself, he has no online business background or elite family. He just has a mindset to do something big in life that can startle people. He started his career as a digital marketing manager at HSBC Bank in Canada. He performed his duty full of attention and honesty.

It was a time, when there were appearing great improvements in technology and Ronnie was a great lover to learn new skills and the change in technology. eCommerce was new business technology that was introduced at that time. Ronnie got to know about this impressive platform, and he saw a great curiosity in himself toward learning all about eCommerce. When he had having well how-know about this field, he realized to start his own business

Branzio Watches

Ronnie has gained great knowledge about eCommerce, he decided to start his own eCommerce websites and introduced his first company Branzio watch. The company started as an online store but quickly it took a turn to be a successful eCommerce business. The company gained great value within no time and generated great revenue as well.

After launching this outstanding brand, there were great difficulties and problems Ronnie had to face but he was just passing all these just by having a smiling face. The big and disturbing problem was the copycat brand. They were using the same design, and logo, as Branzio had. But Ronnie passed this too considering it a piece of cake. When the store came up on the progress way Ronnie never looked back, he was working very hard day and night and proving a successful entrepreneur.

The pleasant movement was coming he got required to hire some employees for growing his business more. Ronnie hired some well-qualified and talented people to provide value to the company effectively. The company was discovering all the distance just happily and cheerfully. Ronnie always seemed active to help his customers respectfully and with full of care. It was only his resilience, hard work, and dedication that was just bestowing him with all the fruits that he was wishing for. These all were the things that were becoming very helpful for Ronnie to be a more successful personality.

How did Ronnie become a successful figure?

Hard work, perseverance, and determination are deep values that must a successful entrepreneur has. Ronnie Teja always keeps these success ingredients as his top priority. He believes that no one can get success without having these values. These are very essential for those who want to become a successful entrepreneur in life.

He also assures us that life revolves around difficulties and problems no one can get achievements without facing challenges. Not giving up and facing the situation bravely helps a businessman to achieve his goals. These are the values that Ronnie keeps containing and achieved great things in his career and built a successful venture in many industries.

Present Actions of Ronnie Teja

Ronnie Teja is a business tycoon who has played a great role to bring tremendous change in eCommerce and digital marketing. He got the title at the top of the list as a successful serial entrepreneur and digital marketer. He is having great expertise and skills to get growing and thrive in online businesses. He is promoting different entrepreneurs and small businesses with advanced tools and tactics. He is performing his duties to help the strugglers and new settlers how to get success in e-commerce landscape.

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