Devon Rex: does it cause allergy?

Devon Rex

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The Devon Rex is a cat with a splendid character, sweet and loving with the family and pleasant with everyone, even those who do not know. It is a unique cat with magnificent personality: this is how we can describe the Devon Rex, does it cause allergy, the ideal companion for the whole family.

This cat has a thousand qualities, and being in his company is an experience full of surprises every time. He is an adorable and affectionate cat; he loves cuddles and would not separate from his owner and family for anything in the world.

In addition, the Devon Rex also has a very playful character, which makes it a lovely four-legged “goblin.” If you are allergic to cats and you are looking up Devon Rex for sale, you probably wonder if it causes allergy. Let’s find out in the article.

If they cause you an allergy, but you are a cat lover and want to adopt a Devon Rex, you are hoping it is an allergy-free cat breed. Does Devon Rex cause allergy?

Does it cause an allergy?

While “hypoallergenic” technically means less allergenic, many people use it to imply “allergen-free.” It has not been scientifically proven that any cat breed is hypoallergenic, anecdotal reports state that some breeds may be less allergenic. However, both because of the type of their coats, and how they produce less Fel d1 protein, which is produced by the sebaceous glands under the skin and, to a lesser extent, present in the cat’s saliva. 

A cat constantly sheds tiny hair particles (or skin flakes) in the environment, when it cleans itself, it transfers the saliva with the Fel d1 onto the coat, which is then spread around the house, producing allergy in the most sensitive people.

If you have severe allergy, check with your family doctor or allergist before taking a cat indoors. If, on the other hand, you have clear ideas, you can visit the breeders to spend time with some of these cats to test the effects on you.

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Owners and breeders of Devon Rex cats claim that these felines rarely cause allergy attacks. Their short, thin coats tend not to hold hair as long as longhaired cats and other cats with multiple layers of fur, especially cats with a dense undercoat. Rex cats have no topcoat but only a fine, soft undercoat.

Precisely, it sheds very little hair and does not need to be groomed so frequently. While no cat can be truly hypoallergenic, many people with allergic reactions find that they can live comfortably with a Devon Rex, so it can be said to be the ideal cat for those with allergy.

Devon Rex: an extroverted cat just with everyone

The character of the Devon Rex is imbued with sweetness, affection, cheerfulness, and playfulness, but it also has another peculiarity that will surely appeal to cat lovers.

This kitty is one of the most social and has no problem making friends with people he doesn’t know. It behaves naturally. It is not afraid of it, and it is never aggressive or annoying. For the Devon Rex, all humans are friends! As if that weren’t enough, the Devon Rex also gets along well with other animals, whether cats or dogs.


However, we hope this article has cleared your doubt about the character of Devon Rex as well as its hypoallergenic mode. Suppose you are looking into Devon Rex for sale or Devon Rex kittens for sale near me. In that case, Purebredkittes is your ideal place to shop for Devon Rex.